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How To Apply

Cisco attends several national recruiting conferences and job fairs and recruits on many college and university campuses. Check out our Campus Schedule on this Web site to find out the events in which Cisco will participate. If you would like to speak with a Cisco recruiter about employment opportunities, visit our booth at the event you will be attending. Cisco recruiters at these events represent many geographic locations and job opportunities.

If you have the opportunity to participate in an on-campus interview, DO IT! This will give you the opportunity to interview with a Cisco employee face to face and he/she will be able to gain insight into your strengths and talents far beyond what you can squeeze into your resume. It’s a thirty-minute opportunity to differentiate yourself.

So, if we aren’t visiting your campus or we’re not interviewing for the job you want, differentiate yourself online via Profiler. Profiler tailors its questions to you, and when your profile is complete it will be routed to real humans…College Recruiters just waiting to see your specific, unique and understandably impressive "Profile".

Complete a Profile

Now, if you want the quick way out and you already have a resume written (What? You’ve been interviewing with other companies? Ahhh, sure it was for a class…) simply mail it to By the way, as beautiful and elegantly formatted as your resume may be, its going to be digitized so maximize your chances by sending it plain old ASCII text.

Finally, you can always fish 33 cents out of the couch and support the United States Postal Service via snail mail.

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