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Fast, Challenging, Fun, Exciting, Dynamic, Diverse, Insane, Happy, Engaging, Friendly, Intelligent, Team Oriented, Lively, Over the Edge, Flexible, Interesting, Open, Energic

Forget The Job. Embrace The Lifestyle.
Get this - each floor has a break room with free sodas (no need to worry about Coke vs. Pepsi anymore- we've got it all!), popcorn, and a place to drop your laundry off. Ever know that feeling when you're short on cash, don't have time to drive to an ATM, but really need money so you can eat lunch? Well, now all you gotta do is run to an ATM machine here on Cisco's campus and decide which cafeteria you want to grub in depending on your taste of the day. Some indulge in sushi followed by a late afternoon Starbucks mocha while others go the giant burrito route - it's up to you! Get your car washed here, get birthday cards at McWorters Store, or break away from your cube to go to a Book Fair or Holiday party. Want to get in shape or relieve stress? Cruise on over to Time Out Fitness Center - lift weights, pick up a game of hoops, join a volleyball team, or chill out in a yoga class. Be social - Come to one of Cisco's planned corporate events like Cirque Du Soleil. Whose into doing cool things on the weekends? There are discount tickets available for concerts, baseball games, Great America Amusement Park, and more! Enjoy the flexible work hours - sleepy on early Friday morning? That's okay, come in when you're awake! These are just some of the perks of working at Cisco, we dare you to come and see for yourself!

Can we really call this work?

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