Video : Cisco MXE 3500 系列(媒体体验引擎)

梅迪亚体验引擎3500 MegaRAID备用电池问题

2016 年 10 月 24 日 - 机器翻译
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本文描述问题梅迪亚体验引擎3500 (MXE 3500)在引导过程也许体验用备用电池单元(BBU) MegaRAID控制器。

贡献由芯片谢德, Cisco TAC工程师。



The battery hardware is missing or malfunctioning, or the
battery is unplugged, or the battery could be fully
discharged. If you continue to boot the system, the
battery-backed cache will not function. If battery is
connected and has been allowed to charge for 30
minutes and this message continues to appear, then
contact technical support for assistance. Press 'D'
to disable this warning (if your controller does
not have a battery).
Press any key to continue, or 'C' to load the
configuration utility.



请参阅设置CIMC关于UCS C系列服务器关于如何配置思科集成管理控制器的信息(CIMC)。


第一步将检查MXE 3500为了发现是否认可BBU。请使用一个安全壳SSH客户端连接到与CIMC管理地址的MXE 3500。输入在本例中的粗体显示的命令:

MXE-3500-1# scope chassis
MXE-3500-1 /chassis # show detail
    Power: on
    Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxx
    Product Name:
    PID : MXE-3500-V2-K9=
    UUID: xxxxxxxxxx
    Locator LED: off
    Power Restore Policy: restore-last-state
    Power Delay Type: fixed
    Power Delay Value(sec): 0
MXE-3500-1 /chassis # show pci-adapter detail
Slot 6:
    Vendor ID: 0x14e4
    Device ID: 0x1639
    SubVendor ID: 0x14e4
    SubDevice ID: 0x1639
    Product Name : Broadcom 5709 1 Gbps 2-or-4 port NIC
Slot 7:
    Vendor ID: 0x1000
    Device ID: 0x0079
    SubVendor ID: 0x1000
    SubDevice ID: 0x9260
    Product Name : LSI 9260-4i MegaRAID SAS HBA

## Note the slot number the MegaRAID controller is installed in.
## This slot number is used in t
he next command.

MXE-3500-1 /chassis # scope storageadapter SLOT-7
MXE-3500-1 /chassis/storageadapter # show detail
PCI Slot SLOT-7:
    Info Valid: Yes
    Info Invalid Cause:
    Product Name: LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i
    Serial Number: xxxxxxxxx
    Firmware Package Build: 12.12.0-0087
    Product ID: LSI Logic
    Battery Status: charging
    Cache Memory Size: 0 MB
MXE-3500-1 /chassis/storageadapter # show bbu detail
Controller SLOT-7:
    Info Valid: Yes
    Info Invalid Cause:
    Battery Type: iBBBU08
    Battery Present: true
    Voltage: 4.086 V
    Current: 0.000 A
    Charge: 100%
    Charging State: charging
    Temperature: 32 degrees C
    Voltage Low: false
    Temperature High: false
    Learn Cycle Requested: false
    Learn Cycle Active: false
    Learn Cycle Failed: false
    Learn Cycle Timeout: false
    I2C Errors Detected: false
    Battery Replacement Required: false
    Remaining Capacity Low: false
MXE-3500-1 /chassis/storageadapter #



  1. 重新启动MXE 3500。

  2. 如果‘电池硬件是未命中或发生故障’消息继续显示,在每辆重新启动后,也许有BBU的硬件故障。请与进一步协助的Cisco技术支持中心(TAC)联系。

  3. 如果设备启动,不用错误它也许已经是临时错误。进一步操作没有要求。

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