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Customer Stories

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  • Leading Kitchen Designer Helps Customers Build Their Dreams

    One of the largest independent kitchen and bath companies in the United States uses its Cisco network to respond faster to customers and improve sales and design.

  • Assembling an Agile Construction Company (PDF - 235 KB)

    See how the Cisco Smart Business Communications System helped this innovative construction firm strengthen communication between staff and customers and save up to US$2000 per job site.


Financial Services

  • Recreation Insurer Forges Personal Connection with Clients (PDF - 774 KB)

    Sattler Insurance relies on the Cisco Connected Insurance Solution for AMS360 to maintain and strengthen personal relationships with customers.

  • Financial Firm Makes Wise Money Move with New Phone System (PDF - 138 KB)

    Summit Financial Management saves money and adds professional features with unified communications.

  • Insurance Company Takes Customers' Security Personally

    In this installment of the Cisco Innovators Podcast series, learn how SBLI USA Life Insurance has made securing customer data its number-one priority, contributing to 97% customer satisfaction rating.



  • Mosch Mosch (4:42)

    German restaurateur relies on Cisco SBCS to improve productivity by 20%.

  • Zamen Restaurants Improves Service and Efficiency

    The Cisco Smart Business Communications System is helping this Dutch restaurant group to improve customer service and efficiency.

  • Australian Beach Resort Visitors Surf the Net

    Mullaloo Beach Suites delivers secure, reliable guest communications while saving money.


  • Growing Law Firm Connects to Courts and Clients with Cisco (PDF - 570 KB)

    Colorado and California Based Taylor|Anderson relies on the Cisco Smart Business Communication System to streamline communications with clients and court and keep cases moving forward.

  • Connecticut Law Firm Uses Unified Communications to Improve Interoffice Connectivity

    Learn how this growing estate planning practice is using Cisco technology to lower long-distance charges and other costs, improve connectivity for remote offices, and deliver enhanced services to its clients.


  • Medical Manufacturer Delivers Round-the-Clock Customer Service

    BBC Biochemical depends on its Cisco network to deliver immediate service to healthcare clients, 24 hours a day.

  • Manufacturer Moves Ideas Instead of People

    See how Biesse America uses unified communications to reduce travel costs, get answers faster, and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Premium Drinks Company Invests in the Future (PDF - 126 KB)

    IP telephony offers a good return on investment by helping Bacardi-Martini improve productivity in Hungary.


  • Better Communications in Sight

    Eyewear purveyor RetroSpecs & Company improves communications with Cisco.

  • Eyewear Company Sees Clear Savings

    See how Cisco phones helps RetroSpecs & Company lower their expenses.

  • Bring Customer Satisfaction into Focus

    See how Cisco UC300 helps eyewear purveyor RetroSpecs & Company improve customer service.

  • Swim School Supports Soaring Enrollment with Cisco Small Business Pro Network

    La Petite Baleen depends on Cisco switched network to help employees and customers enjoy fast, dependable service at three campuses.

  • Wholesaler Increases Sales and Saves Money

    Kroma Makeup improved service and increased sales closing ratio with Unified Communications and Cisco WebEx.

  • Auto Repair Shop Automates for Growth (PDF - 289 KB)

    Sun City Auto Service integrates voice communication with its Mitchell 1 application to improve service and increase efficiency.

  • Seafood Retailer Nets Big Returns by Drawing Close to Customers (PDF - 174 KB)

    Aqua Star delivers superior customer experiences across its offices by implementing Cisco networking technologies.

  • Retail Entrepreneurs Create Work-Life Balance (PDF - 445 KB)

    Using a Cisco network helps this small retail business to offer better home-work balance for employees while accelerating sales and earnings.

Sports and Entertainment

  • Interactive IP Phones Help the AirHogs Increase Employee Productivity and Entertain Fans

    The 15 full-time employees at AirHogs, a minor league baseball team in Grand Prairie, Texas, are more productive thanks to Cisco Unified Communications solutions for small businesses. Applications on Cisco Unified IP Phones help staff work from anywhere and enable fans to order food and connect with players. It all adds up to a better fan experience.

  • Making Business Magic

    See how Cisco products help Magic Johnson make a slam-dunk success of his small business.

  • Transforming the Business of Entertainment

    Director Michael Bay depends on Cisco Small Business Solutions to develop blockbuster movies.

  • Managed Solution Reduces Costs for Canadian Film Distributor

    FlexITy's Managed Services solution delivers servers, storage equipment, switches, and IP phones to help Alliance Films minimize its operational expenses.


  • Small Architecture Firm Keeps Pace with Large Competitors (PDF - 205 KB)

    Learn how Studio G Architects uses Cisco Small Business Unified Communications to improve collaboration with customers and vendors.

  • Delivering Total Communications Solutions for Customers

    Learn why Cincinnati Bell chose Cisco's complete HSB solution.

  • Better Communications at Men's Hair Salon

    Learn how The Headgame improved customer service with Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series for Small Business.

  • Delivering Complete, Hosted Communications Solutions for Customers (PDF - 205 KB)

    Cincinnati Bella's Cisco-powered Emerge solution simplifies voice services for small business

  • Worldmedia Builds More Collaborative Business (PDF - 294 KB)

    Worldmedia improves its customer service and boosts business agility, while cutting costs by 50 percent.

  • Access Anytime from Anywhere: Cisco Wireless Keeps Employees Connected

    Secure wireless allows employees of Fresh Direct Produce to be accessible from anywhere in the office or the company's warehouses. Calls aren't missed and meetings are more productive.

  • Europlasma depends on Cisco SBCS to save money and build a more collaborative, secure company

    Bordeaux Based Europlasma is saving money and time with Cisco Small Business Solutions.

  • Lighting Design Firm Supports Collaboration, Responsiveness (PDF - 651 KB)

    Learn how this business improved teamwork and customer service using Cisco Smart Business Communications.

  • Video Content Company Wins Cisco Canada Extreme Business Makeover

    Digital Rapids, based in Markham, Ontario, will receive a complete Cisco Unified Communications System, which will help it be more responsive to customers.

  • Food Service Company Wins Cisco Canada Extreme Business Makeover

    Retail Ready Foods, based in Mississauga, Ontario, will receive a complete Cisco Unified Communications System, which can keep up with its aggressive growth plans.

  • Real Estate Firm Differentiates Its Services (PDF - 81 KB)

    Cisco Unified Communications improves flexibility and efficiency for Dheeraj & East Coast in Dubai.

  • Data Mining and Analysis Firm Connects Offices Across United States (PDF - 143 KB)

    Graphet uses Cisco Unified Communications to improve teamwork and customer service.

  • Building a Responsive Support Community for Diabetes Patients (PDF - 220 KB)

    The Diabetes Society depends on a Cisco Unified Communications solution to provide more responsive service to clients and help employees be more productive.

  • New Phone System Helps Horse Farm Operate More Efficiently (PDF - 230 KB)

    Badifarm never misses customer calls and drastically reduces telephony costs with Cisco phone system.

  • Intelligent Building Redefines "Smart" (PDF - 381 KB)

    Belgrade's B2's service-oriented building architecture is reducing cost and carbon waste enriching lives.

  • Delivering Business-Class Communication to Small Companies

    Cisco Small Business Solutions enable NorthPoint Executive Suites to provide reliable data services—including secure email, Internet connectivity, and wireless—to its 70 clients.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials Importer Uses Technology to Grow

    See how amaZulu, an eco-friendly company that imports natural architectural materials from villages all around the world, uses Cisco technology to improve customer service and productivity.

  • Workforce Meets "Virtually" Every Customer Need

    Learn how this small technical consulting company keeps staff connected and delivers responsive customer service with Cisco Unified Communications.

  • Networking Organization Reaches Wider Audience with Webcasts (PDF - 119 KB)

    The Women's Executive Network uses a web collaboration service to deliver professional development events to members across Canada.

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