Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and Beyond

Telepresence for Industries

Telepresence is transformative—both in experience and in the way business is conducted. For industries such as education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and many others, the transformation can also be profound and life-changing. Through the power of telepresence, industry experts from across the globe can be brought in virtually to hospital rooms, classrooms, production lines, and eventually, the home. Cisco TelePresence systems can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a variety of industries, helping to improve the quality and timeliness of healthcare, expand the breadth and reach of educational institutions, or increase manufacturing efficiency. Telepresence delivers the "power of in-person" to impart and proliferate expert knowledge as never before, making it possible for people to be "present" even when they are thousands of miles away.

Education & Training

Whether it's distance learning blended with online courses or archiving lectures for integration with your Learning Management System, Cisco offers telepresence solutions to fit the needs of your unique distance education program.


Cisco connects doctors with patients, clinicians with hospitals and specialists with medical centers anywhere in the world. Telepresence is fast becoming embedded in the fabric of healthcare. One day soon, any service a patient needs will be available, without question, anywhere, anytime—and Cisco is leading the way.


Each day, financial managers on continents across the globe discuss time-critical investment opportunities. Accurate, fast information is critical. Telepresence allows financial services companies to share information more effectively, answer questions more efficiently and provide a greater variety of services at more locations.


By bringing project teams and experts together more often and at lower costs, companies are shortening production times and reducing time-to-market. Cisco TelePresence help improve information flow and immediate feedback, allowing development teams to work faster.

Public Sector

Government agencies throughout the world are using visual communications to speed decision-making, provide employees with increased access to experts and information and to provide real-time public safety responses. Public sector agencies strive to become real-time enterprises by expanding their day-to-day and mission-critical uses of video for effective and remote communications. Cisco tailors state-of-the-art solutions integrating voice, video and web capabilities to fit every environment and public sector application need.

Other Industries

The uses of Cisco TelePresence and collaboration technologies are endless.

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