Cisco TelePresence Management

Management of your telepresence program doesn't stop at deployment. You need the proper tools to make sure you can schedule conferences, manage resources and analyze trends in usage and performance. As your telepresence program grows, you'll want to make sure you can scale software upgrades centrally. Cisco offers a complete suite of management solutions to help you effectively administer every aspect of your deployment, giving you the tools you need to showcase the return on your investment.

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite

The Cisco TelePresence Management Suite is scalable, easy-to-use and integrates with existing applications to increase your return on investment. It provides complete visibility and centralized control for on-site and remote video systems. The Cisco TelePresence Management Suite supports management, deployment, and scheduling of the entire video network from one single product.

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Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager

Take the guesswork out of video collaboration management with Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager. This product offers service providers and network operators real-time, unified views of all Cisco TelePresence sessions in progress, and end-to-end visibility into media paths for each telepresence session.

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Cisco TelePresence Manager

Cisco TelePresence Manager software makes it easy to schedule, initiate, and manage Cisco TelePresence experiences. As an integral part of the Cisco TelePresence solution, this software facilitates call scheduling and setup from common enterprise groupware such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes so that starting meetings is as simple as pushing a single button.

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Cisco TelePresence MCU Conference Director

Facilitate simple and scalable creation, control, and monitoring of video conferences with Cisco TelePresence MCU Conference Director. This unique application works across a range of Cisco TelePresence MCU products and is ideal for running simultaneous conferences across a number of conferencing units.

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