Customer Transformations in Manufacturing

Telepresence Solutions for Manufacturing

Cisco TelePresence helps reinvent the manufacturing industry. Collaboration using Cisco TelePresence allows manufacturers to create a more efficient supply chain, reduce time to market for new products, improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce costs. To accelerate product development, revenues and market share, today's manufacturers continue to invest in worldwide R&D and production facilities. Consequently, they must be able to facilitate effective communications between globally distributed design centers, account teams, partners, and suppliers. Cisco TelePresence provides a breakthrough technology for remote collaboration that allows distributed participants to interact with colleagues just as they do at in-person meetings. In manufacturing businesses, this level of collaboration has demonstrated a reduction in new product and service time-to-market.

Featured Case Study: GE

Featured Case Study: GE

GE is truly global, and bringing everyone together for executive meetings and product development is sometimes challenging. Since deploying Cisco TelePresence, the company has used the technology to get in front of their suppliers more often and bring more employees together for better collaboration - all while reducing travel and leisure expenses by 40 percent. GE is looking at new ways to use telepresence for product development and continue its legacy of innovation.

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Manufacturing Applications:

  • Corporate Training — Maximize education opportunities for employees, partners and customers with new product training facilitated via telepresence.
  • Customer Care — Customer satisfaction is a critical measure, customer intimacy is an important component - bring experts to the customer from any location with telepresence.
  • Supply Chain Management — Manufacturing companies have many suppliers and many outsourced functions to manage. Telepresence streamlines the management of the supply chain while helping to forge tighter relationships.
  • R&D and Project Management — Executives are being driven by the need to innovate and will need to find talent globally. They often will be managing projects globally, including marketing, manufacturing and suppliers design processes. Telepresence transparently integrates cross-functional responsibilities to simplify the collaboration process, no matter where they are physically located.
  • Quality Management — Quality executives need to manage several plants, many suppliers and are expected to solve problems quickly and maintain a competitive advantage in customer satisfaction. Telepresence helps accelerate decisions, scale knowledge and unify the organization.