Cisco Open Network Environment

Customer Value and Choice, Flexible Deployment

The Cisco Open Network Environment offers everything that you have come to count on from Cisco, including a comprehensive vision across all your IT infrastructure, flexible deployment options, and investment protection with an incremental adoption model. In addition, professional services from Cisco and partners, plus global support, help ensure your long-term success.

  • Extending the capabilities of existing, proven validated infrastructure significantly reduces risk and time to capability.
  • Cisco Open Network Environment was designed to be deployed in a granular and incremental manner preserving investments and avoiding churn.
  • Cisco Open Network Environment draws from Cisco innovation paired with industry-driven development of SDN technologies and standards. This approach maintains maximum flexibility and choice for customers.

Cisco is in a unique position to help customers evaluate these new technologies and determine how best to integrate them into their broader networking strategy. As the industry leader in networking, Cisco has the expertise and experience to help you extract tangible value from these emerging technologies in support of your organization's strategic goals.

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