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Network Storage Solutions
Connect Employees and Offices

Affordable Storage and Backup Capabilities: Network Storage Built for Your Business

Need a way to help authorized users share sensitive company information while limiting your security risk? Ideal for small and medium-sized offices and workgroups, Linksys by Cisco Network Storage Solutions (NSS) are built especially to meet the needs of businesses like yours and offer:

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Greater storage flexibility
  • Outstanding price for performance
  • Reliable data protection and security

All Linksys by Cisco NSS devices are designed with an intelligent chassis that uses the Linux operating system; even if one drive fails, the system still operates. They're also flexible, easy to install and upgrade, and make it simple to expand storage capacity as your business grows; all you have to do is add higher capacity drives.

Easy Setup and Installation
Secure My Business
  • A basic understanding of networking is all you need to complete installation, administration, and backup routines
Storage Flexibility
Work from Anywhere
  • Start with what you need now and expand up to 4 terabytes as your needs grow.
  • Large storage capability is perfect for large-scale backups, multiple users, and large file types such as video, photo, or audio formats.
  • Easy to archive data by adding Linksys-IBM Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software; set the rules and enjoy automatic large-scale storage capacity along with worry-free backups.
Advanced Data Protection and Security
Serve Customer Better
  • Securely store, back up, share, and archive critical business information.
  • Restrict access to sensitive data and enable authorized users to share information across multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • File encryption protects data by granting access to authorized users only; stolen drives are difficult to penetrate.
  • Boost productivity by giving remote employees a secure way to transfer files using a VPN router.
Price for Performance
Be More Productive
  • Realize substantial cost savings when compared with enterprise-level storage systems.
  • Get just the features your business needs without any unnecessary baggage or cost.

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