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Cisco Smart Business Solutions uses an intelligent, secure network to give you access to information to make decisions in real time and provide new levels of customer relationships.

What are the benefits of Cisco Smart Services?

In addition to increasing the business value and return on investment of your network, Cisco Smart Services for Small and Medium Business can help you:

  • Lower total network ownership costs
  • Increase network uptime
  • Quickly respond to changing business needs
  • Speed access to applications and services
  • Enjoy support that's customized to meet your unique business needs

Which service option is right for you?

Your partner can help you select the Cisco Smart Service for Small and Medium Business that's just right for your business. Find a Cisco Certified Channel Partner or service provider in your area—type in your location and interests to find the right partner for your business.

Cisco Smart Care Service: A Collaborative Service

Cisco Smart Care Service is a comprehensive network-wide service that combines technical support with proactive monitoring, assessments, and remote repairs to help keep networks secure and running optimally.
Ideal for:

  • Businesses with 50600 network users and 5 to 105 devices
  • Network is critical to business
  • Limited IT expertise; wants network-level coverage

Cisco SMARTnet Service

Cisco SMARTnet Service is an award-winning device-level, technical support service that offers direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and extensive technical resources. SMARTnet delivers rapid issue resolution, flexible device-by-device coverage, and premium service options to help maximize operational efficiency.
SMARTnet service is designed for:

  • Any size business, any number of Cisco devices
  • Network is critical to mission critical
  • Skilled IT staff requires direct access to Cisco engineers and want flexible device-level coverage for all network devices

Cisco Smart Foundation Service

Cisco Smart Foundation is an entry-level technical support service that provides the support small businesses need to help them maintain network reliability and minimize disruption to their business.
Specifically designed for:

  • Businesses with data-only networks, SMB-class products, and fewer than 250 network users (~50 or fewer network devices)
  • Network is important, but not mission critical, to business
  • Needs responsive support with device-level coverage that meets budget requirements

Support Built for You

Cisco's portfolio includes products tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

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