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Services and Support

Cisco understands that downtime is not an option for your small business. That's why we offer multiple levels of services and support: to help you keep your network—and your business—running smoothly, with access to technical assistance when you need it.

Essential Support for Cisco Small Business and Linksys Business Series Products

Cisco provides support for warranties via experienced technicians in our Small Business Support Center who will help you get up and running quickly.

Cisco Smart Services-The Intelligent Choice for Your Business

Cisco's Smart Services offer a choice of responsive and proactive services to complement your internal IT support capabilities and meet your network needs. Customizable through an array of coverage options, services like Cisco SMARTnet, Cisco Smart Care, and Cisco Smart Foundation Service keep your network running smoothly so you can focus on your core business. From entry-level technical assistance to proactive monitoring and network-wide support, you can choose the offerings that best suit your business needs.

Cisco Support Community—Advice Forum for Dedicated Cisco Users

And now, Cisco isn't your only source for technical expertise. Query other Cisco customers at the Small Business Support Community, a new collaborative space where you can gather and share knowledge about small-business networking and communications.

Contact your Cisco Partner to choose the option that's right for you.

Your Cisco Partner or a service provider in your area can review available options and help you select the Cisco service for small business that's right for you.

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Service Packages for Small Business

Boost productivity and get the most out of your technology investment with Cisco Smart Care Service.

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