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Managed Services

Need to focus on your core business?

Trust your business to a service provider with a Cisco powered designation who can help you:

  • Connect your employees to your offices
  • Consolidate phone and data costs for your business
  • Safeguard your company against information theft

How do managed services work?

Your business can deploy best-in-class networking and communications services through experienced providers who purchase and maintain all the necessary equipment. This capability helps you:

  • Avoid up-front capital expenditures and invest in more relevant business projects
  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated IT staff
  • Reduce your technology risks
  • Enjoy reliable services at a predictable monthly cost

See the value of managed services using our expense comparison calculator.

Which managed services options does Cisco offer?

  • Managed Unified Communication services enable you to connect all your devices (PCs, phones, pagers, faxes, and PDAs), applications (video conferencing, phone routing, calendars), and access them whenever and wherever you need them. Find a Managed Unified Communications Service Provider
  • Managed IP VPN services enable you to connect remote offices to each other or to other companies and give employees access to company resources regardless of location. Find a Managed IP VPN Service Provider.
  • Managed Security services enable you to protect your company's assets from internal and external threats and anticipate security breaches. Find a Managed Security Service Provider.

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