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  • Cisco & Flip Solutions

    Partnering with Cisco has enabled Flip Solutions to accelerate their growth, aquire new capabilities and deliver added value to thier customers.

  • A Day in the Life of a Retailer

    See how integrating your communication network could benefit your business now and in the future.

  • SMB Solutions

    What will your people do when the network goes down?

  • Cisco Soccer video

    Problem employees create a host of complexities and legal ramifications. This six-minute video gives you tips on how to handle the situation from a human resources expert" does not relate to the actual video. Use this text intstead "Sports Soccer implement a Network Wide, IP Based Telephony System.

  • The future of collaboration

    See how cisco telepresence will transform the way we work in the future.

  • VW Parkway

    Watch to learn more about how Cisco SMB products and solutions have made a difference to UK Businesses.

  • Community Gateway Delivers Responsive, Efficient Tenant Services

    UK-based Community Gateway Association provides high-quality homes for people in need. See how this nonprofit organization uses Cisco Unified Communications to give its staff instant access to valuable information, help them enjoy a better work-life balance, and respond quickly to tenant needs.

  • Lights Camera Action!

    When you see cisco solutions in action on TV or in the movies you can better understand how our network technology is transforming the way we communicate and collaborate.

  • Everything Tradeshows: Trading Up to Improve Productivity and Profitability

    Everything Tradeshows saw immediate benefits after implementing the easy-to-use Cisco Smart Business Communications System. Watch this four-minute video to learn how it increases efficiency and profitability.

  • Location, Location, Location: Work from Anywhere with Cisco Unified Communications

    Watch this four-minute video to learn how manufacturer MPC relies on Cisco Unified Communications to help its on-the-go CEO and employees enjoy work—and life—without sacrificing productivity.

  • Seyfer Automotive Tunes Up Its Communications

    Watch this four-minute video to learn how this nine-person auto shop improved productivity and customer service with the Cisco Smart Business Communications System.

  • You Can Work from Anywhere

    In this four-minute video, Phil Montero of discusses the right way to set up a distributed workforce and how to avoid common pitfalls.

  • Once Private Elephant Life Now in Full View

    Watch this video to see how Web cams give adoring fans an intimate view of elephant life in private sanctuary.

  • Say Goodbye to One-time Customers

    Branded customer service creates loyal, repeat customers. Watch this video to learn secrets from the experts.

  • Know Your Risks before Guarding Customer Data

    Data security expert Warren Saxe discusses risk assessment and other key building blocks of effective data protection strategy.

  • How to Spot and Handle a Rogue Employee

    Problem employees create a host of complexities and legal ramifications. This six-minute video gives you tips on how to handle the situation from a human resources expert.

  • Staying Calm AMID Data Breach Chaos

    Watch this three-minute video to learn tried-and-true communication tips and strategies for data breach crisis from a PR expert.

  • Hidden Benefits of Disaster Planning

    A CEO whose company endured the September 11 attack shares upside to disaster planning—lower costs, efficiency, competitive advantage. Learn more in this four-minute video.

  • Unleash Employee Innovation

    Innovation flourishes with the right blend of culture, processes and parameters. Learn how to piece together the innovation puzzle in this eight-minute video.

  • Low Cost Innovation

    Network innovations are easier and cheaper than you think. Learn tips on how to do it from a Cisco networking expert.

  • The New Corporate Ladder

    Attracting and retaining today's top talent requires a new employee development model. Understand the factors at play and how to address them.

  • Unifying the Sales Pipeline

    Today's sales pipeline is more complex than ever, but Cisco Unified Communications connects the people, processes and information critical to closing sales. Learn how it can help your business in this four-minute video.

  • The Power of One

    In this five minute video learn how Cisco Unified Communications delivers myriad benefits: reduced costs, growth and productivity, collaboration.



  • Tablet PCs Ease the Learning Curve

    Students at Monte Cassino School use tablet PCs to work anywhere they happen to be—on campus or off. Besides giving them a tool for easy note taking and research, this five-minute podcast describes how tablet PCs can provide students with their first significant responsibility.

  • Green Business is Good Business for Credit Union

    In an installment of the Cisco Innovators Podcast Series, Sarah Johnson, technology coordinator for Coastway Credit Union, explains how going green not only helps save the planet, but also saves money and increases productivity.

  • Smart Technology Equals Productivity

    At this network services company, implementing Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco security solutions has translated into reduced expenses, quicker decision making, and a reduced carbon footprint. Listen to this five-minute podcast, an installment of the Cisco Innovators series, to learn more.

  • Better Service Delivers an 18% Profit Boost

    Listen to this five-minute podcast to learn how this marketing firm uses Cisco Unified Communications and virtual private networking to foster collaboration, provide better customer service, and increase profitability.

  • Insurance Company Takes Customers' Security Personally

    In this installment of the Cisco Innovators Podcast series, learn how SBLI USA Life Insurance has made securing customer data its number-one priority, contributing to 97% customer satisfaction rating.


Cisco & Flip Solutions

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