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  • Instyle Fitness. New!

    Hi-tech exercise bikes encourage people to get fit and stay fit Cisco technology enables people in different locations around the world to compete against one another in a fun and safe environment.

  • Making a Green Car-Wash Company Even More Efficient. New!

    Brown Bear Car Wash relies on its network to securely connect employees to headquarters and deliver more efficient service. (PDF - 121 KB).

  • Delivering Business-Class Communication to Small Companies.

    Cisco Small Business Solutions enable NorthPoint Executive Suites to provide reliable data services, including secure email, Internet connectivity, and wireless, to its 70 clients. (PDF - 154 KB).

  • Assembling an Agile Construction Company.

    Innovative construction firm installs Cisco® Smart Business Communications System to strengthen communication between staff and customers. (PDF - 235 KB).

  • 3marketeers Advertising.

    Everyone at this fast-growing company uses the network to work smarter, resulting in the company's most profitable year in two decades.

  • Community Gateway Delivers Responsive, Efficient Tenant Services.

    UK-based Community Gateway Association provides high-quality homes for people in need. See how this nonprofit organization uses Cisco Unified Communications to give its staff instant access to valuable information, help them enjoy a better work-life balance, and respond quickly to tenant needs.

  • Workforce Meets "Virtually" Every Customer Need.

    Learn how this small technical consulting company keeps staff connected and delivers responsive customer service with Cisco Unified Communications.

  • Employment Firm Improves Communications and Productivity.

    A converged network, powered by Cisco, helps Human Potential Consulting increase staff productivity and customer responsiveness. Learn more in this case study (PDF - 212 KB).

  • Cisco Partner Helps Growing Employment Firm Stay Connected.

    CPI employs a Cisco network to help Human Potential Consulting improve productivity and stay connected with remote contractors. (PDF - 499 KB)

  • Smart Technology Equals Productivity.

    At this network services company, implementing Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco security solutions translates into reduced expenses, quicker decision making, and a reduced carbon footprint. Listen to this five-minute podcast, an installment of the Cisco Innovators Podcast series, to learn more.

  • Better Service Delivers an 18% Profit Boost.

    Listen to this five-minute podcast, an installment of the Cisco Innovators Podcast series, to learn how this marketing firm uses unified communications and VPNs to foster collaboration, provide better customer service, and increase profitability. (5:00 mins)

  • Everything Tradeshows: Trading Up to Improve Productivity and Profitability.

    Everything Tradeshows saw immediate benefits after implementing the easy-to-use Cisco Smart Business Communications System. Watch this four-minute video to learn how it increases efficiency and profitability.

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