Cisco Smart Storage with Mozy: a safe combination

Cisco Smart Storage with Mozy: a safe combination

By Alan Hill, Product Marketing Manager, Small Business Europe

Cisco has a great set of award-winning Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions. Now, with the NSS300, there's a NAS system that lets you create a centralised local storage system AND an offsite backup for disaster recovery.

If disaster strikes, the NSS300 and Mozy can help keep you in business

It's all thanks to our unique collaboration with Mozy, an EMC company. Mozy is an optional cloud-based backup service that we're offering with the Cisco NSS300. It lets you set up automatic backups of your critical business data, then use the online backup to restore any data that becomes compromised through an attack or damaged in an accident or natural disaster.

Twice the protection

Your data is kept secure with Mozy's military-grade encryption technologies, ready to be restored where and when you need it. All data is stored in one of EMC's global data centres and is protected by state-of-the-art security technologies. Adding Mozy's online backup to the Cisco NSS300 means you get TWO layers of data protection for your most critical business information.

Disaster recovery starts with a plan

An offsite backup system is just one part of disaster recovery. You also need a plan for using that backup to get your company back online, and every employee needs to know their part in that plan. Find out more about how to draft and communicate a small business disaster recovery plan

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