Communications System: Putting it All Together

Creating a Collaborative Team

Learn how a Cisco communications system helps you collaborate and build powerful business alliances. (2:47 min)

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Creating a Collaborative Team
Learn how a Cisco communications system helps you collaborate and build powerful business alliances. (2:47 min)

Communications system technologies for small businesses have become more sophisticated, yet are easy-to-use and affordable.

You can combine a communications system with your Internet Protocol (IP) data network. With one network instead of two, you'll minimize network management and reduce costs. Plus, you'll give your workforce advanced tools that enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and cut communications costs.

The Elements of a Communications System

Here's how the different elements of a communications system on an IP network can work together to boost your business.

  • Phone service on an IP network communications system provides features such as call transfer, hold, and phone conferencing. Remote employees and teleworkers have access to your company' entire phone system through a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to your IP network.
  • Voice and conferencing software enable employees to easily initiate conference calls, share presentations, see each other in video chats, and instant-message each other. All these communications system features are available through one, easy-to-use interface.
  • A 'presence' application added to your communications system provides a status of who's available online and lets you check a colleague's location and contact information, all in real-time. Presence can help you reduce telephone tag and time wasted trying to reach someone.
  • With unified messaging on your communications system, all your e-mail, voice mail, and faxes are delivered to your e-mail inbox. You'll reduce time spent retrieving messages. And you'll be notified more quickly of incoming messages so you can react faster.
  • Rich-media conferencing lets remote workers and teams collaborate using voice, video, the Web or all three at once. Communications between employees, suppliers, partners and customers is significantly enhanced.

Find out how Cisco Unified Communications solutions can help your small business grow.

Contact a Cisco partner who can help you determine the communications system that's right for your business.

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