Linksys RV042: At a Glance

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Linksys RV042: At a Glance

Linksys RV042, formerly Linksys Business Series, now part of the Cisco Small Business Routers product line, is an advanced network router for small businesses. The Linksys RV042 helps your company stay connected to the Internet, even if your primary Internet provider's service goes down. The router also securely extends your full network to up to 50 offsite users.

The following is a brief overview of the Linksys RV042.

Linksys RV042 Features & Benefits

  • Cuts networking costs by letting you share an Internet connection among multiple computers.
  • Ensures your Internet service never goes down. Dual Internet ports on the Linksys RV042 enable you to connect to a second Internet source as a backup to your primary Internet provider's service.
  • Boosts network performance. You can connect the Linksys RV042 dual Internet ports to the same Internet source. The router will balance traffic between the two ports for maximum network performance and efficiency.
  • Securely connects up to 50 remote office/mobile users simultaneously to your network. The Linksys RV042's Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability supports up to 50 IPSec tunnels for branch office connectivity and up to 50 QuickVPN connections for mobile access to your network.
  • Connects up to four computers via Ethernet cable (using the router's built-in, 4-port, full-duplex 10/100 Ethernet switch). Direct connections give computers maximum network security and up to 200 Mbps throughput per port. Alternatively, you can connect additional network hubs and switches to the Linksys RV042's ports, expanding your network as needed.
  • Protects computers against intruders and most known Internet attacks via a powerful Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall.
  • Easily configurable security settings. Using a web browser-based interface, you can configure the router to filter internal users' access to the Internet; specify exactly who may have access to your network; and more.

Cisco Small Business Routers

As part of the Cisco Small Business Routers product line, the Linksys RV042 is now known as the Cisco RV042 VPN Router.

Small businesses interested in advanced routers might also consider the Linksys RV082, now called the Cisco RV082 VPN Router. The Cisco RV082 offers the same core functionality as the Cisco RV042, with additional features that support more demanding network environments. For example, the RV082 supports up to eight wired and 100 VPN connections compared to the RV042's four wired and 50 VPN connections.

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