Cisco Small Business 500 Series Stackable Managed Switches

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Cisco Small Business 500 Series Stackable Managed Switches: For Partners

Key Message

Cisco 500 Series Stackable Managed Switches help you more easily target and sell to growing businesses that require advanced network features, but for whom capital costs remain a top priority. These stackable Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches provide a solid foundation for your customers' current and future business applications, while remaining affordable and easy to deploy and manage.

Through these and other Cisco Small Business solutions, Cisco provides the right mix of small business products, services, support tools, and profitability programs that channel partners need to develop a profitable small business practice.

Partner Benefits

Cisco 500 Series Switches make it easy to target and sell to your customers, and to sustain a profitable small business practice. The switches:

  • Provide a stackable switch option for growing businesses, as well as an advanced set of security, availability, and management features, at an affordable price
  • Reduce the cost and effort needed to deploy and manage customer networks
  • Solidify your role as a strategic adviser delivering industry-leading Cisco innovation and reliability
  • Increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with products that are lab-tested to easily integrate with Cisco products and solutions for voice, security, wireless, and more
  • Create recurring revenue streams with the ability to attach services to product sales

Probing Questions

  • How important is network uptime to the success of your business? How is your business affected when important applications perform poorly or are offline altogether because of a network outage?
  • How confident are you that your network can support your business's growth as you add more employees and applications?
  • How safe is your business and customer information from network attacks, whether they originate from inside or outside your network? How confident are you in the level of security provided by your current unmanaged or smart switch?
  • How much more productive could your employees be if the network applications they use had more bandwidth and better performance? How confident are you that your network will provide the bandwidth and performance you will need over the next few years?
  • Have you been using piecemeal products to make minute upgrades to your network?
  • Do you want the ability to create separate environments for different users on your network?
  • Are you using unmanaged or smart switches? Would more insight into and control over the way data travels across your network improve the stability and performance of your applications?
  • Are you planning to deploy IP telephony or unified communication solutions? How would you benefit from an infrastructure designed to easily support and integrate these technologies? Have you considered the cost of rewiring power lines to accommodate the new technologies?
  • Are you in a retail environment that requires Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance?

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