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The Public Services Network (PSN) enables you to maintain high-quality services at a reduced cost. It means you can deliver more services in a way that satisfies the demands of clients, employees, families and citizens. It's for all organisations working in or with the Public Sector: large and small, and public, private and voluntary.

When you implement PSN you will benefit from cost savings to your ICT budgets. On average, Public Sector organisations spend around 3% of their budgets on ICT. But ICT also has a critical role to play in achieving cost savings in the other 97% of budgets that are spent on staff, buildings and, increasingly, on energy and other utility resources, by enabling better ways of working and delivering services.

To find out what the PSN could do for you, call Leigh Hayes on 01235 438243. Or download our brochure to see how you could Spend Less, Deliver More.

Cisco and the Public Services Network: Spend Less & Deliver More

PSN presents Public Sector organisations with an opportunity to procure ICT services in a more efficient and cost effective way from multiple suppliers.

These suppliers bid to be part of the PSN Connectivity and Services frameworks. The procurement frameworks include defined interoperability standards for ICT and standards for cyber security. Visit our Public Sector page focused on cyber security for more information.

PSN is much more than a set of standards, PSN also creates an opportunity to deliver joined-up network-enabled citizen services more efficiently and much more cost effectively across all of the Public Sector.

The Public Services Network (PSN) is a UK Government initiative that aims to "substantially reduce the cost of communication services across UK Government and enable new, joined-up and shared public services for the benefit of citizens. PSN is creating one logical network, based on industry standards, and a more open and competitive ICT marketplace at the heart of the UK Public Sector." (Cabinet Office)

Our Commitment to PSN: Helping to Shape the Initiative

Cisco has, and continues to work closely with Government and helped shape the definition of PSN in order to help create the PSN standards and associated frameworks. Our network solutions play a strategic role in delivering connectivity and secure, business-focused services to the Public Sector in the UK. So from the inception of PSN we wanted to be at the heart of it.

Cisco has actively contributed to the Public Services Network programme since 2008 and has been a major technology provider to the first wave of regional PSN networks including those in Wales, Kent and Hampshire. Cisco also has representation on the Board of the PSNGB, the Industry Trade association for vendors involved in the PSN.

A Reform Agenda: Joined-Up Government

The UK Government has put efficiency and reform right at the heart of Government. While ICT only represents a small percentage of overall government spend, well spent ICT can have a disproportionate impact on efficiency.

The Efficiency and Reform Group was established within the Cabinet Office in May 2010 to lead efforts to cut Government spending by £6 billion in 2010-11. Its long term aim is to improve value for money across Government by strengthening the central co-ordination of measures to improve efficiency.

PSN is an ICT exemplar of "central co-ordination of measures" to improve efficiency in communications networks. By 2014, PSN should contribute over £130 million per year in savings.

Multiple Frameworks

PSN is not alone. At Cisco we are playing our part in other key Government IT initiatives that take advantage of the improved connectivity afforded by PSN - such as the Government Cloud (or G-Cloud) initiative.

Together with our partners in the technology community and within government we are working to drive reform and efficiency in government technology.

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