Cisco Connected Policing

Cisco Connected Policing

Policing is fundamentally changing. In order to meet governmental plans, forces must rethink the systems and processes by which they operate. Cisco has created a three-part initiative using ICT to help you unlock new efficiencies in your force.

A new era for policing

The environment in which police officers must operate is rapidly changing. Increasingly, austerity and reform dictate governmental plans, meaning forces must function with more efficiency than ever before. ICT is a vital part of this change, enabling truly modern policing solutions to supplement the reduced number of resources in the back office and on the ground. Your force can rely on Cisco's Connected Policing concepts to make it more efficient than it's ever been.

Today's UK policing priorities

The government has established three priorities for UK police forces; Public Safety, Public Confidence and Operational Efficiency. In order to achieve these objectives, police must focus on tangible improvements, such as improving first time responses to incidents, maximising visibility in communities and streamlining operational processes – all with limited resources. These challenges, among others, are all addressed by Cisco's policing initiative.

ICT must be a fundamental part of UK policing

Cisco believes that ICT must be at the heart of policing reform. Modern challenges and the latest UK priorities require new ways of operating. By leveraging the true value of technology in your force, new goals will become achievable. Modern ICT supported systems and processes can create unmatched efficiencies, managing current manpower restrictions with ease and improving the public perception of the force.

Cisco's three-part initiative

To address modern policing needs in the UK, Cisco has developed a tailored initiative. Cisco Connected Policing includes a series of three interacting concepts:

  • Cisco Connected Force
  • Cisco Connected Community
  • Cisco Connected Officer

Each of these ideas has been developed using the latest ICT to improve public safety, increase public confidence and optimise operational efficiency. They all work together to help your force improve today and become capable of handling future policing reform.

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