Welcome to Housing Associations

Welcome to Housing Associations

Housing Associations

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The Challenge

With the increasing demand for housing, particularly in the South and South East of England, Housing Associations face a growing challenge - the need to drive down costs, improve efficiencies, whilst offering their tenants (customers) improved, as well as new services.
In Today's economic climate this is a challenge every business faces, whether in the public or private sector- The more with less Goal/Scenario or the maximization of resources.

The Government's Agenda

The housing associations have achieved good results when you look at the Government Spending Review 2004. However, the sector will need to demonstrate to government that gains for housing associations, their customers and stakeholders, by definition, will benefit government.
One key area that government will be looking at, is savings and efficiency due to utilisation of technology and the sharing of best practices. In summary the key areas of focus will be:

  • Effectiveness must be seen to be as important as efficiency in any strategic objectives and measures associated with them.
  • there must be a 'sharing' approach to the resources created by efficiency and effectiveness improvements which in turn can be demonstrated to government.
  • Be aware that with all the drives for efficiency and productivity there remains a positive experience for the tenants, residents and the community as a whole.

Cisco and the Housing Sector

Cisco is working closely with the National Housing Federation in order to understand how technology, and IP Communications in particular, can help Housing Associations both drive down operating costs, yet more importantly drive forward productivity, and further improvements to customer satisfaction through use of Service / Call Center technology.

Cisco's vision for Housing Associations

By focusing on the sector Cisco wishes to share best practice from other vertical markets and demonstrate the true business benefits of a solid ICT strategy and Network Foundation.

The focus is one three main functional areas of a Housing Associations coummunications.

Cisco IP Communications

Cisco's Unified Communication solutions include:

  • Unified Call Manager IP Telephony
  • Unified Contact Centre
  • Unified Video Telephony
  • Mobility & Wireless LAN
  • Collaboration

Each of these have been proven to provide Housing Associations the efficiency and productivity gains that government has been keen to encourage, along with the ability to offer tenants and residents an improved range of valuable services.

For further information, please contact: interest-housing-uk@external.cisco.com

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