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Healthcare is one of the most challenging, yet innovative markets and at Cisco we believe that digital technology can be a significant enabler. In conjunction with its partners, Cisco’s dedicated UK Healthcare team works with NHS customers to focus on business priorities. We provide innovative solutions that respond to those priorities including support for new models of care, mobile working and collaboration. Working together, we believe that the right ICT foundation can lead to improvements in business processes, service delivery and to better clinical outcomes.

Digital Technology at the Heart of the NHS

Driven by the UK Government ‘s strategy, Public Sector organisations are embracing the Digital Challenge. In Healthcare, opportunities exist in both service delivery to the patient and operational excellence. In our new paper, ‘Digital Technology at the Heart of the NHS’, we reveal how mobility and collaboration solutions are delivering tangible benefits throughout the patient journey.

Latest NHS Case Studies

Efficiency, Reform and Patients at the Centre: A Blueprint for Healthcare IT

Today's NHS is a challenging place.

The UK Government has put reform at the heart of its policy for the NHS. Significant changes to the commissioning environment and the advent of AQP (Any Qualified Provider) mean that business models are shifting with the focus now on supplier differentiation as well quality and value. Meanwhile the blurring of boundaries between healthcare and social care are driving new demands for collaboration and interoperability with patient centred care the priority.

Today's NHS leaders need to find solutions to these challenges – they are tasked with delivering year-on-year savings, executing a significant reform programme, and continuing to support excellent patient care against a backdrop of ever-increasing demand.

Cisco believes that ICT can help to address these challenges and is a prime enabler of better healthcare. ICT can often be thought of as a problem rather than a solution, but at Cisco, we are helping to change perceptions – by offering a blueprint for ICT that offers practical and achievable solutions that support operational excellence. We focus on the four QIPP pillars - Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention and in this respect see NHS IT as a value centre rather than a cost centre.

Plan Down, Build Up: Delivering for Decision Makers

At Cisco, we believe that healthcare professionals are the best people to judge what areas of their business need to be improved and technology should fall into line to deliver. In the same way that the horse comes before the cart, business and clinical requirements should dictate where IT investments are made. In short, the IT platform should be built with all business needs in mind.

We call this approach 'Plan Down, Build Up'.

Our blueprint, 'ICT at the Heart of NHS Reform' advocates such an approach, and can be personalised to every NHS organisation's needs. It delivers a platform that supports operational excellence, the reform agenda and patient-centric care.

ICT at the Heart of NHS Scotland

The Scottish Government’s eHealth Strategy 2011-2017 sets out a vision for the future delivery of healthcare, supported through efficient and innovative uses of information technology. Find out how Cisco can support this vision with our dedicated blueprint for NHS organisations in Scotland. It summarises the requirements, offers a view of a whole system approach and links to sources of technical advice and guidance.

Annexe for NHS Organisations in Scotland

ICT at the Heart of NHS Reform - Cisco Network Architecture Blueprint (C-NAB) for NHS Organisations

Volume 1: Business Requirements

Volume 2: Technical Requirements - Architecture for Business and Service Transformation

C-NAB Presentation Slides

Annexe for Commissioning Organisations

Watch the video, and download the C-NAB Blueprint Annexe, to see how establishing clear linkage between three key business priorities and an underpinning ICT platform can return real value to commissioning organisations.

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Mobile Working in the NHS

Transforming the NHS Workplace

Evolution of the Data Centre in the NHS
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