Towards a Greener Government

A Greener UK Public Sector - The Critical Role of ICT

Towards a Greener Government: The Critical Role for ICT

The UK Government has made clear its commitment to Green Government.

“Government operates one of the largest ICT estates, where ICT is a major consumer of energy and natural resources. As energy costs continually rise and our dependence on ICT increases, the need for Government to operate a cost effective, energy efficient ICT estate delivering quality public services to the tax-payer has never been greater.” (UK Government ICT Strategy, October 2011)

Our Commitment to Green ICT

At Cisco we have also been working hard to make our own use of technology more energy efficient. It’s not just good practice for the planet – it makes good practical sense for us as a business.

We provide technology solutions that allow Public Sector organisations to run their ICT and deliver public services more efficiently.

In short we work with Government to help provide greener public services enabled by technology.

A Series of Green Government Resources

We have created a thought leadership paper and other resources designed to allow Government ICT decision makers to better understand the role that key enabling technologies can play in a green strategy.

For example, better use of video and collaborative technology reduces requirement for staff travel – thereby reducing carbon footprints. Virtual contact centres allow staff to be more flexible in their locations – reducing road congestion and carbon consumption. Smart connected buildings are more efficient, in terms of energy use, and make the government estate more flexible and better suited to their workforces.

A Greener UK Public Sector

Our paper, A Greener UK Public Sector, is a practical guide that places the UK into the wider global context for climate change and carbon reduction strategies. The report talks about the general principles behind greener ICT and how Cisco can help to deliver greener network and data centre infrastructure. It also explains how to create greener operations by using ICT to create modern, flexible workforces and better managing estates of buildings and their energy use.

Creating a Green ICT Agenda

A commitment to greener and more environmentally friendly ICT is one step on the journey towards greener public service provision. In addition to our Greener UK Public Sector Report we have prepared a series of papers that outline the science behind the climate change headlines. We have also prepared a series of ‘green papers’, technology papers and case studies that you might find helpful as you embark on your own green journey.

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