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In recent years, UK universities have consistently been challenged by unprecedented, market-shaping changes to financing, student expectations, and how to deliver teaching, learning and research. To successfully face these challenges, universities have had to become much more business-like in their approach; and must continue to do this, by maintaining a sharp focus on brand, financial stability and academic excellence. 

Importance of a digital strategy 

At Cisco we see universities as large, complex businesses. Like all businesses, universities must have a digital strategy, to signpost both the value of digital technology, and where they may be ‘digitally disrupted’ by a competitor institution, with a superior digital offer for students, researchers or staff. There is a saying in the private sector; ‘digitally disrupt or be digitally disrupted’. This now applies equally to higher education. 

Developing a digital strategy 

A digital strategy is key to a modern university’s business. It should sit alongside and support existing business plans to explain: 

  • How to place digital technology at the very heart of a modern university and create a digital institution; 
  • How to create a digital campus that provides exceptional experiences for staff, teachers, students and researchers; 
  • How to deliver technology-enabled teaching, learning and research that suits individual styles, and provides rich, collaborative environments capable of the very best outcomes; 
  • How to exploit connectivity, communications and collaboration to maximise the value of digital communities within university life. 

We would be delighted to work with you to fully explain the value of a digital strategy, to help you develop your own strategy and, of course, to assist with executing it. To follow up, please contact your local Cisco account manager or email us at

Enabling cost-effective businesses; transforming teaching & learning; and creating smart campuses

Further education (FE) sits between the well-defined university, and schools & academies sectors within UK education. It fulfills a number of different roles, including 16 – 18 education, vocational training, apprenticeships, foundation degrees, and lifelong learning. The value of each of these roles to the economic success of the country is readily apparent, but the lack of clear identity, and the diverse lines of funding have made it subject to a series of funding cuts.

The Government continues to place emphasis on vocational training and skills. Although the most recent cuts were to lifelong learning as recently as the July 2015 budget, it is now to be hoped that funding may improve over time. The December 2015 report of the Public Accounts Committee will, hopefully, signpost a change of direction from Government on FE funding. In the meantime, FE colleges must respond with efficiencies and costs savings to balance revenues and outgoings. Cisco believes that technology has a key role to play in a number of areas:

  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Saving How technology has a key role to play in reducing the key operational costs for a college;
  • Recommendations of the FELTAG Report How technology-enablement can improve teaching and learning outcomes, and create staffing efficiencies;
  • IT Energy Management How technology can reduce the heating and lighting costs of buildings, and reduce the energy use of technology used by staff and students;
  • Cloud and Managed Services How colleges can change IT consumptrion models to make the most of budgets.

Like universities, many colleges are also large, complex businesses, also requiring a digital strategy to support existing business plans and explain the key role of digital technology.

We would be delighted to work with you to fully explain the value of a digital strategy, to help you develop your own strategy and, of course, to assist with executing it. To follow up, please contact your local Cisco account manager or email us at

Cisco solutions for schools and academies: cost-effective and easy-to-use platforms that transform teaching & learning and deliver a world-class student experience.

Information and communications technology (ICT) should be placed at the heart of business plans for existing schools and for new academies if they are to deliver outstanding teaching and learning. School principals, managers reponsible for ICT, and fund-holding stakeholders should be commited to the changes that technology can and will deliver, and recognise the importance of selecting the right technology partner.

The current Cisco portolio includes robust and agile infrastucture including switching, wireless, unified communications, data centre and security. Many UK schools have deployed Cisco solutions, and been able to use our technology to deliver a platform that creates a reliable and collaborative environment for teachers and learners.

The Cisco Schools and Academies Team is here to assist institutions that are looking to capture the energy behind the changes that exist in UK education today, and help accelerate technology-enabled change.
Schools and academies using the Cisco technology portfolio follow the latest industry ICT best practice and benefit from:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • World-class support
  • Proven platform as used by most UK businesses and UK universities
  • Cisco’s research and development investment
  • Industry leading interoperability and manageability
  • Minimised implementation and operational risk
  • Flexibility, modularity and scalability

Please click on the above links for more information on Cisco technology and how it can help your school or academy. Should you wish to look towards more specific examples, please refer to the case studies and resources section of this website.

Cisco is committed to improving the life chances of all learners. With this in mind, we would be delighted to engage with you to fully explain the value of Cisco digital technology. If you wish to speak to our team, please contact your local Cisco account manager or email us at

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