Cloud Computing for the UK Public Sector

Public Sector Cloud - The Big Debate

Panel of experts debate the impact of Cloud on how Government procures ICT and ICT services. The panel includes David Wilde, CIO, Essex County Council and John Suffolk, formerly UK Government CIO.

Connected Citizens and Government: Why the Cloud Matters

In March 2011, the Cabinet Office published the Government ICT Strategy. This document recognised that Government has a requirement to deliver innovative services built around information and communications technology (ICT).

The Government ICT Strategy made clear that Government ICT could be better. And one of the means of achieving better and more flexible ICT based services is cloud computing.

“Cloud computing delivers infrastructure, platform or software as a utility service, giving Government the capability to respond to changing operational needs. The standardised cloud platform will also allow developers, especially SMEs, to generate innovative solutions.” Cabinet Office ICT Strategy, March 2011.

Cloud-based Government ICT creates the opportunity to deliver public services more rapidly and more flexibly than has been possible in the past. And successful delivery is about having the right cloud infrastructure in place - the standardised cloud or G-Cloud.

Cisco Delivers Cloud

Cisco has been at the centre of the debate around cloud computing given our role as a cloud innovator and our ability to deliver the cloud infrastructure and cloud services. Cisco has the technology, the expertise and the business application knowledge to act as a key facilitator for organisations seeking to deploy cloud services.

Cloud computing can result in substantial operational efficiencies that reduce cost. But cloud technology also offers the prospect of increased business agility - provisioning services much faster by allowing access to a larger pool of cloud application providers. This results in an ability to respond much faster to the needs of citizens.

The ultimate goal is better citizen engagement across all communications channels. Citizens are now consumers and have expectations - often set by commercial organisations that have made the leap to smarter, more flexible, cloud based solutions that deliver a better customer experience.

Take The First Steps

Cisco is already providing the expertise for the delivery of public and private cloud solutions across a variety of sectors. Government can take initial steps towards cloud, today, by looking at Cisco’s public cloud offerings, such as those from WebEx and ScanSafe. These easy to implement solutions - for cloud based conferencing and software as a service security - can deliver operational efficiencies right away with minimal lead-time for implementation.

As you build confidence across your organisation we can help you achieve your more strategic cloud goals as well.

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