Local Government

Digitising Local Government

Outlining a digital strategy for local authorities; how to exploit technology to become more efficient and cost-effective, deliver high quality, accessible digital services to citizens, and create digital cities and communities.

Digitising Local Government
Digitising Local Government

Digital Engagement

"The Digital Strategy is a further example of the Civil Service Reform programme in action, where officials are embracing the best of what the web has to offer and radically changing their working practices to meet the challenges and opportunities inherent in digital by default."
Mike Bracken, Executive Director, Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office - November 6, 2012

UK Government has made clear through the Government Digital Strategy - as well as the Digital Efficiency Report - that ICT represents a significant opportunity both for improved citizen engagement and for saving costs and improving efficiency.

Cisco has been working on 'channel shift' projects for many years. We supply the technology to streamline face to face engagements with citizens, develop advanced, distributed contact centres and deliver the robust underpinning network and data centre technology necessary to implement a digital strategy.

At Cisco we are committed to creating more connected and more engaged local communities. We're helping authorities better prepare for the Generation Y employee and citizen - whose expectations are, indeed, digital by default.

Efficiency and New Ways of Working

Cisco works closely with CIOs and senior management teams in all tiers of local government to define efficient and new ways of working. We provide all the network, data centre and security technology to allow local authorities to build a flexible and scalable ICT infrastructure to run their business more efficiently; and the voice, video and collaboration products to facilitate a location independent workforce and the efficient use of buildings.

New ICT Consumption Models - PSN and Cloud

Local authorities have been at the forefront of utilising the Public Services Network (PSN) frameworks and exploiting 'Cloud' applications to source and consume ICT in different, more cost-effective ways.

Cisco has been actively engaged in many of the early PSN and Cloud projects. Working with our service provider partners, Cisco is delivering network, security and data centre technology and real-time managed service applications, to drive down costs and transform local authority businesses and citizen engagement.

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