The Cisco SecureX Architecture

Brian Shelby

The Cisco SecureX Architecture - Context-Based Policy Enforcement

In today's Borderless business environment, organizations need to know who is accessing information over their network, where the access requests originate, and when and how their network is being accessed.

The Cisco SecureX Architecture enforces security policies based on the full context of the network access situation. With its built-in context-aware security, this architecture is able to:

  • Enforce security based on a higher-level policy language that understands the full context of a situation - the who, what, where, when, and how of network access
  • Provide highly secure access for virtual, physical, on-premise, and cloud environments to allow and ensure a consistent policy enforcement
  • Simplify policies to correlate directly with IT enforcement needs and business rules
  • Protect against threats as they emerge with the global knowledge of Cisco Security Intelligence Operation (SIO) for real-time correlation and protection
  • Support all types of endpoints, from laptops to next-generation mobile devices such as Cisco Cius, iPads, iPhones and other smartphones

The sophisticated, highly distributed Cisco SecureX Architecture offers a pervasive policy language throughout your network. It can be deployed globally, to be available wherever and whenever the users need it.


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