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What financing offers are available to me?

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Financial solutions

Financial solutions Benefits to you
Operating lease, sometimes called a Fair Market Value (or FMV) leaseEmail

Pay for the use of the equipment, not its ownership. At the end of the term, simply return the equipment to us or purchase it for its Fair Market Value. Help achieve desired treatment for financial reporting purposes

Finance lease, sometimes called a Full Pay-Out leaseEmail

Ideal for customers who want to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term. Spread payments over time and own the equipment at the end of the term


This option allows customers to retain ownership upon purchase and frees up capital for day-to-day business. Payments can be structured to mach deployment and economic benefit.

Programs and offers Benefits to you
easylease 0% financingPDF Getting the right technology for your business just got easier. With genuine 0% financing for Cisco technology available through selected finance partners, there's no need for a large upfront payment. Spread payments over 36 months, and invest cash in core business priorities. It's easy.
Accelerate PDF

Speed up your access to technology and accelerate your return on investment.

The Cisco Capital Accelerate program can help you reduce your total cost of ownership, manage your budget with flexibility and accelerate technology adoption. With this 36 month FMV lease, you can plan a strategic approach to technology acquisition by choosing whether to refresh, retain or return your assets at the end of the lease term.

Multi-Term FinancingPDF Match your payments with your usage, with flexible financing for the fixed and variable costs relating to your technology deployment.
Unified FlexPod FinancingPDF Make the smart investment and maximise your purchasing power with Unified FlexPod Financing. Total solution financing including NetApp and Cisco hardware, services and software, and third-party and partner-provided solutions as part of your FlexPod data center investment.
Vblock FinancingPDF Finance your end-to-end Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) Converged Infrastructure solution. With just one lease you can acquire this multi-vendor Vblock platform, using flexible financing structures to implement the right solution.
Six Month Payment Deferral ProgramPDF You don't have to wait for your next round of funding to get the technology that your organisation needs today. By simply deferring your initial finance payment for up to six months you can help eliminate spending constraints.
Flexible Financing for the Public SectorEmail

Don't wait for your next budget cycle, choose from our flexible options:

  • Budget Optimiser: Pay what you can afford now and the balance over time
  • Payment Deferral: Acquire now, and defer your payments for six months

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to credit approval. Cisco Capital determines the right to terminate these offers at any time.
*All Cisco products and solutions (including hardware (70%), software, services and 3rd party equipment)

Financing products, applicable lenders and availability of any referenced programs will vary by country. Cisco Capital offers leasing and/or financing in a limited number of countries. Leasing and/or financing may be provided by an independent financing vendor in jurisdictions where Cisco Capital does not offer the applicable leasing and/or financing products. Other restrictions may apply. Cisco Capital reserves the right to change or cancel the foregoing at any time without notice.

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