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Differentiate and Win New Business

The Cloud and Managed Services Program is designed to help partners deliver innovative and validated Cisco Powered services to solve their customers' business needs.

Tiered partner levels make it easy to enter the program and increase levels of expertise and benefits, based on business needs and customer demands. The Cisco Powered Services designation is built upon a foundation of superior service, security, and 24-hour support. Partners can take advantage of financial rewards, branding, and go-to-market support from Cisco.

Cisco Powered services are offered globally by the world's leading service providers and resellers.

CMSP Program Benefits

CMSP Program Levels

Benefits, rewards, and support increase with higher levels of engagement. Become a partner to learn more:

Cisco Powered Services

The Cisco Powered services designation indicates that the cloud or managed service meets the highest Cisco user-experience standards, as reviewed and validated by a third-party audit. Partners may hold the Cisco Powered services designation for any of the cloud or managed services listed below. Learn about Cisco Powered Cloud and Managed Services Requirements
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Applying for the Cloud and Managed Services Program

Application for the program is available to registered partners only. If you are not currently a Cisco Registered, Specialized or Certified Partner, or Authorized Reseller, enroll using Partner Program EnrollmentLocked contenttool

Apply for the Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP):

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