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Market Influences

Market Influences

The landscape has changed. Customers expect more.

People want information faster. Your business needs to keep up on changes, demands, and trends. We've got smart, affordable ways to address your top priorities; mobility, cloud, and reducing risk.

What's Your Priority?

What's Your Priority?


Is your business ready for a mobile world?
Mobility is about engaging in today's world of multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. It's about creating flexible work environments. It's gaining access to the information you need right when you need it. It's improving productivity across departments, locations, and time zones. Learn how we can help keep your business on the move while securing your data, devices, and infrastructure.

10 Insights into BYOD and Virtualization
A new survey collects stats on user behavior, perceptions, and costs in the post-PC era. (PDF - 838 KB)

Web Conferencing Opens Doors for Students in India
Rural students learn from engineering experts in real time, using Cisco WebEx. (PDF - 1.6 MB)

Delivering a Mobile Experience Your Way
Give workers a great mobile experience - securely. Then see the great things they do. (2 min)


How can you know if moving to the cloud is right for your business?
Clouds offer flexible, on-demand IT service delivery. Select the services you need, when you need them. Public, private, or hybrid, the choice is yours. Cisco and our partners help you take advantage of cloud computing. See how moving to the cloud gives you more options to meet user demands and grow your business.

Make Your Branch Office Cloud-Ready
Lippis Research explains how today's WANs must evolve to support cloud computing.

Visualize Your New Workday
Our interactive site shows how cloud computing can change your day-to-day business.

Cisco Cloud Portfolio
We can connect you to cloud computing resources and more, all tailored for your business. (2:39 min)

Reducing Risk

How can you manage risks to your business and your network more effectively?
IT teams often operate with limited staff. Yet they need to support day-to-day operations and growing user demands. They need to meet compliance requirements and implement new technology. All while keeping the infrastructure secure.

We've got three decades of IT expertise to help you reduce the associated risks. Together with our partners, we provide the security, resiliency, and investment protection that you need.

New Security Threats and Tactics
Our annual report has insight into the latest technologies, trends, and threats.

MacArthur Corporation
A cloud-based web gateway boosts reliability and uptime, and provides secure VPN. (PDF - 287 KB)

TechWise TV: Defending the Data Center
An in-depth guide to security - from physical, virtual, and cloud architectures to email and web. (55:25 min)

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