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IT Challenges for Midsize

Every day you make strategic decisions about your business.

Every day your IT teams must keep the infrastructure up and running, address urgent demands, react to security threats, and implement new technologies - all with limited resources.

The right IT infrastructure can make all the difference to your business success or failure. The right partner can make selection, deployment, and management simple. So you can focus on growing your business. Discover how Cisco and our partners can meet your top IT challenges while saving you time, money and staffing resources.

Which challenge is your priority?

Which challenge is your priority?

Deploying Solutions

How can you deploy new business applications and solutions rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively - with minimal business impact?
Keeping IT up and running is vital to the success of your business. You need a platform that supports automated tasks, simplified management, and flexible migrations. Our solutions bring operational efficiencies that free up IT resources. Our partners will work with you to understand your unique needs and select the right solutions and services for your business.

Before You Migrate to the Cloud
Learn about supporting the on-demand traffic created by cloud applications and services.

Microsoft SQL Server Workloads
See how to provide the best hardware capacity and platform benefits for your workloads. (PDF - 233 KB)

Data in Motion
IT will take us from an event to an insight in a moment - and open up amazing new possibilities for your business. (1:51 min)

Moving to the Cloud

How can you get the most from public, private, or hybrid clouds?
Moving to a cloud-based model makes it easier and less costly to turn on new functionality when needed. IT services delivered through the cloud can benefit your business without compromising security or functionality. Our partners can help you select the best cloud offerings to keep pace with market trends and new business requirements.

The Cloud-Ready Network
See how you can start prepping your network for a smooth and successful migration. (PDF - 149 KB)

Sparda-Bank Hamburg
24-hour service delivery. More processing power and storage capacity. The cloud makes it happen.
(PDF - 274 KB)

Why Your Network Has to Be Smart
Consider the role IT plays in successful cloud computing and application performance. (56:37 min)

Collaboration Tools

How can you simplify the deployment and management of collaboration tools across an entire workforce?
As your business grows you need communication tools that help you make fast decisions, nurture innovation, and remain agile. Our solutions make it easy for your people to collaborate effectively from anywhere, at any time. These tools help reduce travel, save on office space and energy bills, and optimise your IT spend.

The Real Value of Video
Third-party analysis and use cases explore the true ROI of video communications.

DVB Bank
Pervasive Cisco solution helps global bank improve collaboration, productivity, and agility. (PDF - 266 KB)

TechWise TV: Business Edition 6000
Discover affordable voice, mobility, messaging, conferencing, and video. (12:27 min)

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  • Mobility

    How can you support anytime, anywhere access for mobile devices while keeping your network secure?
    Mobility is integral to business today. The challenge is to manage the potential security risks and bandwidth requirements, without straining budgets or compromising user experience. Our solutions help you on-board a variety of mobile devices, quickly and securely. So your business can reap all the benefits of flexible access, whilst minimising risk.

    Financial Impact of BYOD
    Read how companies like yours can evaluate the current and potential value of BYOD.

    Radio Max
    Production issues exposed network flaws at a giant radio station. See how they fixed it. (PDF - 270 KB)

    The Best of BYOD
    Give people unified access to reliable data, voice, and multimedia. Securely, from any device. (2:30 min)

    Data Center Virtualization (1)

    How can you deliver on-demand IT services, streamline data center management and boost business resilience?
    Your data center needs to provide visibility and control across the infrastructure. Our solutions provide a cohesive system that supports rapid provisioning and mobility. Our partners can provide the technical expertise and support to virtualise your architecture and make your budget go further.

    Virtualize Desktop Infrastructure
    Achieve up to 72% ROI with Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solutions (VDI).

    Erste Bank
    Financial institution finds new savings with unified and cloud computing.
    (PDF - 278 KB)

    Cisco Easy Virtual Network
    Watch a demo of network virtualization made simple. (7:05 min)

    Data Center Virtualization (2)

    Frost & Sullivan, Raising the Bar
    How will you meet the needs of a mobile workforce? (PDF - 485 KB)

    Redefine the Economics of Your Data Center
    Improve data center performance and scalability while reducing costs.(PDF - 238 KB)

    Virtualized Foundation Smart Solution
    Cisco solutions for virtualization in midsize organizations.(PDF - 774 KB)

    Security and Compliance

    How can you maintain compliance and data security, simply and cost-effectively?
    You're on the frontline of protecting the data for your business, customers, partners, and employees. Our proven solutions can thwart threats, prevent unauthorised access, manage user authentication, and simplify compliance with industry requirements. Our partners can work with you to perform a security assessment and select the right security offerings for your business.

    The All-You-Need Firewall
    Learn how you can support file sharing, social media, and new apps - and still keep security tight.

    Virtual Radiologic
    Find out what connects a large radiology practice and protects its network of home-based physicians.
    (PDF - 577 KB)

    Security Threats by the Numbers
    See real-world facts and figures, plus ways to protect your own network.
    (2:47 min)

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