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Welcome to the Public Sector events page, here you will find details of upcoming events and exhibitions where you'll have the opportunity to meet with Cisco experts and keep up to date on the latest products, technologies, and network solutions.

Cisco’s Tech Strategy for Government Webinars: Workplace Transformation

Cisco would like to conduct a series of knowledge sessions with our customers to discuss current business challenges facing UK Government Departments and explore how common IT solution building blocks can help address them. Government-as-a-Platform (GaaP) is a new vision enabling a shared digital infrastructure to deliver effective user centric government services. These common services will be underpinned by infrastructure solution building blocks based on commercial good practices.

This series focuses on the Smart + Connected Workplace Solution Building Block and the initial knowledge session discusses how it enables government employees to work smarter and faster whilst reducing the cost of running Government buildings. Future sessions will explore greater details around the components of the technical architecture like mobility and security.

  • Webinar 1 – June 4th, 2pm
    Introducing the Smart + Connected Workplace
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  • Webinar 2 – June 11th, 2pm
    Laying the foundation for a Smart + Connected Workplace with Cisco Enterprise Networks
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  • Webinar 3 – June 18th, 2pm
    Maintaining a seamless Smart + Connected Workplace user experience with Cisco Security
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  • Webinar 4 – June 25th, 2pm
    Enhancing staff productivity with Smart + Connected Workplace and Cisco Collaboration
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  • Webinar 5 – July 2nd, 2pm
    Transforming IT Services that meet the user needs – a Cisco IT Perspective
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