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Cisco Tech Huddle - your quarterly technical update

Cisco tech huddle

The Cisco tech huddles are free quarterly educational events offering an opportunity for our experts to share the latest in technology innovation and architecture, and for our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

What’s unique about these sessions is that they are put together by engineers for engineers, and cover highly technical topics in IT in a level of detail unlikely to be found elsewhere.

These events give our customers the opportunity to connect with our experts – any attendee can grab individual time with a Cisco subject matter expert to talk about what they’ve seen and, more importantly, how this relates to their organisation and the specifics of that particular work environment.

Cisco Security - Addressing the full attack continuum

Join us at the next tech huddle to explore the latest developments in security.

With the acquisition of Sourcefire and ThreatGrid, Cisco is redefining it's security strategy, come and learn about how key Cisco technologies can help you in securing your environment and be with you throughout the entire attack continuum; before, during and after.

Here's the morning's agenda:

09:30 - 10:00

Coffee, Welcome to the tech huddle


Before: Providing Secure Access to your Data Centre and Remote Resources

Whether you need to support BYOD work practices, or provide more secure access to your data center resources, the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) can help. When used with Cisco TrustSec provides an intelligent solution to secure network access based on the context of a user or a device. So network access is granted based on contextual data such as "who, what, where, when, and how," not just the user's identity.


During: It Started with a Click


Over 90% of targeted attacks start with Phishing.  These increasingly sophisticated, and difficult to spot, scam emails lead unsuspecting users to Click on embedded links.  Learn how easy it is for attackers to use this to silently launch their attacks.

  • Learn how Phishing education can significantly reduce security risk
  • Understand why phishing is so popular as a vector for targeted attacks
  • See how quick and easy it is to use phishing to own a user's device
  • Understand why attackers don't need to be experts in hacking to launch attacks
  • Understand why the conventional detect and block security technologies are failing and a new approach is needed

After: Incident Response with AMP

Over the last few years it has become clear that detection-based anti-malware products are no longer capable of preventing even simple malware from penetrating an organisation's infrastructure. Not only are viruses getting through, but they are also remaining undetected for months or, in some cases, years. To deal with this new level of threat, security administrators need to have in place the proper tools to deal with malware that has evaded automated detection. As such, this session will focus on using Cisco AMP as:

  •  An incident response tool, showing how it can be used to identify malware
  • Determine the scope of an attack and successfully remediate an incident without major disruption to business.


Wrap up and final Q&A


Lunch and chat with Cisco Technical Engineers



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Technologists who are interested in one or more of the topics and want to gain a greater technical insight into Cisco products.

This is not a sales-oriented event and the technical detail will high