Datacraft Achieves Cisco Gold Partner Certification in China

BEIJING, China -- October , 1998 -- Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced that Datacraft, Asia’s leading telecoms, data communications and networking systems integrator, has achieved Cisco Gold Certified Partner status in China.

One of Cisco Systems’ largest channels partners in the region, Datacraft’s achievement of Cisco Gold Certified Partner for its China subsidiary builds upon its Gold certification for its Singapore and Hong Kong operations and Silver certification for its New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan offices.

“I would like to congratulate Datacraft China for achieving Cisco Gold Partner certification. Datacraft’s commitment to upgrading their service and support capability to meet our rigorous standards is a testament to the professionalism which the company has shown throughout the region. As customers utilise technology as a strategic business advantage, service and support become increasingly more important to their choice of technology vendors. The Datacraft and Cisco partnership provides a true end-to-end solution to customers who view technology as a competitive advantage. Given this shift in customer requirements, Datacraft will play an even more important role in Cisco’s China operation,” said Bill Nuti, President, Greater Asia, Cisco Systems.

“Being a Cisco Gold Certified Partner in China demonstrates our ability to provide the kind of mission-critical support that service providers and large enterprises demand. This recognition by Cisco Systems strengthens our position as Asia’s leading telecoms and networking systems integrator, a status we have earned through a combination of specialist expertise, regional coverage, world-class engineering, and leading-edge technologies,” said Ron Cattell, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Datacraft Asia.

Datacraft has been a dedicated Cisco partner for more than six years in Asia and it was the first company to achieve region-wide Gold certification from Cisco Systems last year.

To achieve Cisco Gold Certified Partner status, Datacraft China undertook a focused effort to increase the level of both Cisco sales and support training within its organisation. It also demonstrated a strong capability to provide comprehensive 24x7 customer support and has four highly-trained engineers who are Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs).

Gold Certified Partners are extensions of Cisco Systems’ own support team and are guaranteed to provide customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving customers the assurance that technical assistance is only a phone call away.

Cisco Systems recognises Gold Partners to have developed expertise in virtually every aspect of Cisco’s business, including planning, network design, network management, support and global networking.

Cisco’s Gold Partner certification is also the highest level in the industry’s most respected channel certification program. Other levels include Premier Certified Partner and Silver Certified Partner.

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