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Gathering, moving and manipulating information is fundamental to maintaining advantage and ensuring decision dominance.

The front line soldier operates in an information domain that ranges from static encyclopaedic data to dynamic weapons engagement data. Today's front line soldier may be engaged on manoeuvres or peacekeeping or warfighting but each operation requires on-demand Global secure information capability to enable him to achieve his objectives.

As smarter weapons are deployed the warfighter's weapons precision and efficiency is enabled by the information network's ability to tie critical information together faster that anyone else.

Information superiority includes the access to applications and services for manoeuvres, engagement, protection and logistics. To achieve full spectrum success requires the interpretation of information to enable dominant manoeuvres, precision engagement, focused logistics and full spectrum protection.

The challenges are significant, particularly with the bandwidth restraints of communication to the soldier in the foxhole, a ship at sea or a combat aircraft operating near the speed of sound. Also, the potential threats of asymmetric information warfare capabilities have raised the bar for security and approved encryption. Additionally, the sources of data are so numerous and frequently in conflict with one another that information availability can rapidly reach proportions that create potential overload.

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The capability to collect, process and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information, while exploiting or denying an adversaries ability to do the same, are the key goals.

Information management at the field or tactical level is now understood to be critical to mission success, (warfighting) and is no longer a domain separate from the supporting garrison organisations. The Revolution in Military Affairs and post-Cold War force reductions require foxhole-to-factory connectivity to insure physical and information support for soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines involved in missions ranging from humanitarian support to full-scale warfare operations.

The requirement is therefore for a critical infrastructure to support secure and reliable networks. The networks need to employ the latest thinking on security, encryption and hostile attack resistance at both the digital voice and data communications extremes.


Today commercial solutions are being chosen for those elements of the communication infrastructure where rapid deployment, commercial technology and cost benefit can be recognised. The need will always exist for specialist solutions developed by the military, but the arguments and benefits of these areas of technology are not being debated here.

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