Cisco Data Preparation

Unlock More Time for Analysis

Accelerate the acquisition, preparation, and publication of diverse and distributed data. Data Preparation delivers comprehensive data access, agility, and ease of use to business analysts across the enterprise, with the scalability and centralized governance that IT requires.


Intro to Data Preparation

Self-service data integration with governance (1:16 min)

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Get to Know Data Preparation

Unleash business analysts to develop the insights to promote better business outcomes. (PDF - 434 KB)

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Features and Capabilities

Data Preparation is self-service software that meets the needs of both data professionals and enterprise IT.


Include data regardless of location, including data from Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) files, relational databases, spreadsheets, and flat files.


Identify problems with data quality using:

  • Impromptu interactive exploration using full-text searches
  • Interactive text and numeric filters and histograms
  • Visual data quality heat maps that highlight patterns, errors, duplicates, and sparse or missing data


Use sophisticated algorithms that work across sections or entire data sets, without coding or scripting. The solution highlights inconsistencies, gaps, and duplicate data. This allows analysts to fill in blanks, remove or rename duplicates, fix inconsistent capitalization, and perform other tasks to improve data quality.


Bring multiple data sets together in less time so you can identify the optimal fields to use to merge data. Data Preparation automatically detects common attributes across multiple data sets and provides best-match options so analysts can select the combination that best matches the analysis to be performed.

Data sets are assembled into a single answer set. Overlapping references are merged into de-duplicated, trusted entities without scripting, SQL, or complex spreadsheet functions such as pivot tables and macros.


Makes answer sets available directly through ODBC LiveQuery to Qlik, Tableau, Excel, and any other ODBC-compliant analytics tools or applications.


Strengthen Self-Service Analytics

Data Preparation enriches data integration capabilities of tools for reporting. (PDF - 1.5 MB)

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Get Your Data Ready in Less Time

See how to use Cisco UCS as the reference architecture for Cisco Data Preparation. (PDF - 372.21 KB)

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