TechWiseTV: Proactive Support with Smart Call Home

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TechWiseTV: Proactive Support with Smart Call Home

The downtime that comes with isolating and resolving network issues can seriously affect your business. Now see the tool that can proactively identify and diagnose those issues and resolve issues in one-fifth of the time.

Join the TechWiseTV team and learn how Smart Call Home delivers automated support on a wide range of Cisco products, with features such as:

  • Secure 24x7 self-monitoring and problem analysis
  • Proactive alerts with actionable insights sent to your inbox
  • Autogenerated support requests to the Cisco TAC

Discover the solution that can help solve network issues before they become real problems and keep your business running smoothly.

Spend Less Time Troubleshooting

See the full episode and learn how to automate support and resolve network issues up to 80 percent more quickly.