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Thank you for joining Cisco at NRF 2016!

The Cisco customer journey led the way in New York at NRF - giving all of you who visited the Cisco booth a complete picture of how your store can support an end-to-end shopper experience. Thousands of attendees came through to meet with our experts, learn about Cisco technologies, and sit in on two Big Idea sessions with leadership and customers.

To optimize your NRF experience, please refer to the resources below:

Achieve the Retail Experience

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Big Ideas Sessions

Watch the recordings of Cisco's Big Ideas Sessions

Big Ideas Session 1

Speaker 1

We Hear You: Retail Security Should Be Simple and SAFE

Presenters: Christian Janoff, Security Solutions Architect, Cisco

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Download the SAFE pdf to Learn More


Big Ideas Session 2

Speaker 2

Survival Guide: Light Up Dark Assets to Lead in the Digital Vortex

Speaker: Shaun Kirby, Chief Technology Officer WARP Accelerated Rapid Prototyping, Cisco

Watch the Video

Read the White Paper

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Cisco Solution Demo Videos

Watch the Solution Demo Videos Filmed in the Cisco Booth

In our booth set up as a storefront, Cisco demonstrated a complete set of solutions that help you guide shoppers through a multi-engagement series of interactions that maximizes their experience and your selling opportunity.

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Enterprise Mobility Services Platform: Create Engaging Customer Experiences

The customer journey starts with the Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP). EMSP helps retailers quickly create, deploy, and manage context-aware experiences to engage shoppers on their mobile devices. You can encourage loyalty, increase basket size, and drive ticket size as shoppers are encouraged to spend more time in your store. You can also improve department layout and product placement using location analytics. In addition, you can push customized promotions and special offers to shoppers' mobile devices based on location, purchase history, and other personal data.


Cisco Connected Mobility Experience: Understanding Shopper Behavior

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The mobile device has reinvented the shopping experience. The Cisco Connected Mobility Experience (CMX) provides new opportunities for retailers to gain better visibility into shopper behavior through location-based presence and location analytics. Cisco CMX uses the store's Wi-Fi network - augmented with Bluetooth beacons and our new hyperlocation solution - to help locate customers within the store; provide presence and dwell times; offer easy access with a captive portal; and target connected customers with offers, discounts, and product information.


Complete Security Across the Store: Customer Data and Your Brand

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Every year, security concerns for retailers seem to rise to a new and more frightening level. Cisco Secure Store combines technologies, intelligence, and predictive analytics to offer peace of mind to retailers and shoppers across point of sale (POS), mobile devices, web applications, social media, wireless platforms, and the WAN. Our retail portfolio addresses security threats by providing visibility and protection before, during, and after an attack. Cisco addresses how our connected security solutions support advanced threat protection, access and policy management, and rapid threat containment, enhancing the mobile experience while safeguarding business data.


Cisco Unified Retail Platform: Consolidated Store Operations

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The Unified Retail Platform (URP), aka Store in a Box, unifies all your branch infrastructure services, often onto a single server. Right-sizing your solution to your environment, URP supports it all on the Integrated Services Router: compact switching, routing, mobility, security (PCI and HIPAA), compute (POS and back office), unified communications, analytics, IWAN services, WAN backup and acceleration, and content caching. URP is extremely effective for store setups and popups, reducing truck roll and add-on infrastructure expenses. At NRF, the URP ran our entire booth as well as that of partner NCR.


Engage with Cisco Analytics for Retail: Driving Insight into Customers

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With knowledge of your customers' preferences and improved store operations, you can provide a more engaging shopping experience. Cisco's analytics software gathers data from multiple customer touchpoints right in your store. With a unified view of near-real-time shopper analytics from Wi-Fi, social media, video, and other beacons, you can make better decisions more quickly. This lets you offer unique shopping experiences, increase conversion rates, and simplify store operations through staff and checkout optimization and loss prevention. From merchandising to marketing, operations, social media, and IT, Cisco Analytics can turn insight into action for your business.


Cisco Meraki Public Wi-Fi in the Cloud: Simplified In-Store Networking

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All your mobile activities are delivered using Cisco Meraki public and private Wi-Fi networking. Managed from the cloud to meet demanding performance, security, and availability requirements, this solution provides world-class wireless access points and supports company-issued devices with Master Data Management (MDM) software. Beyond connectivity, it also enables retail customers to easily understand and build closer relationships with their customers using guest services, Wi-Fi, and BLE-based location analytics. Cisco Meraki simplifies networks and reduces operational costs for retailers of every size, from the branch to the Fortune 500.


Smart Locker In-Store Delivery: Solutions for the "Last Mile"

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One of the fastest-growing areas in retail is buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), in which shoppers pick up online orders at their convenience, while reducing staffing needs for delivery and pickup. Cisco offers a fully networked, cloud-based smart locker solution that allows retailers to drive volume and revenue through digital advertising and cross-sell opportunities. eCommerce tools provide easy-to-choose pickup options and also give stores the chance to gather detailed customer analytics. Indoors and out, lockers are secured by integrated video camera and video telephony.


Light Up Your Store with Project Flare: Create a New Interactive Customer Experience

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See the future of retail. Cisco's Project Flare is a visionary new, immersive mobility development platform. Putting the intelligence of the Internet of Things right on the consumer's wrist or phone, Flare allows shoppers to reach a new level of interaction with the store. Shoppers enter with a smart watch or a mobile phone, which indicates the location of products and interactive displays around them. Customers may then freely access product information; communicate with nearby displays to explore an even richer experience; or take actions that impact the product, the store zone, or the entire store environment.

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Services Offers

Cisco Services Offers for Retailers

Connected Analytics Product Solution

Cisco's Connected Analytics software enables retailers to gain distinct insight about customers' shopping behaviors and preferences, as well as store operations across multiple touchpoints including Wi-Fi, social media, and video analytics.

Learn how these insights unlock new opportunities so you can better understand your customers, enable unique shopping experiences, increase conversion rates, and improve store operations through staff optimization, checkout optimization, and loss prevention.

From merchandising to marketing, operations, social media, and IT, Cisco Analytics can turn insight into action for your business. Delivered through the Data and Analytics Group, Contact

For additional info:

Cisco Security Services for Retail

Retail organizations are faced with increasingly complex decisions and trade-offs between the opportunities presented by new and innovative technologies – and the risks that these opportunities might present. With Cisco Security Services for Retail, your security will be aligned with industry best practices and business objectives. We'll identify and assess IT risks; develop custom security strategy to adapt to your business; test and validate your security program; provide vigilant threat monitoring; and enhance your operational response to threats.

Learn More: Security Services for Retail At-A-Glance

For more information about how Cisco Security Services can help your retail organization, Contact

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