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Women Rock-IT TV Series - IT’s not just for the Boys!

Join us for the FREE “Women Rock-IT” live TV broadcasts and hear from some "Rock'in" women who have challenged stereotypes and turned their passion for technology into rewarding and successful careers. Our speakers are in different stages of their career and from different occupations and businesses. You will soon learn, IT is a world of possibilities and a Technology career can be as varied, exciting and as glamorous as you want it to be - and it's not just for the boys. Register now and connect with the women who Rock-IT.

Register now and connect with some of leading women who Rock-IT.

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Women Rock-IT Cisco TV Series

Tune into our free live TV broadcast and hear prominent women at Cisco explain how they turned their passion for technology into rewarding and successful careers.

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15 February, 2017

12 – 1pm (UTC +8)

She Started IT Jessica Glenn,
Chief Technology Officer,
OneShift & Skilld

Juliette Gimenez,
Co-Founder & CEO, Goxip

Niki Tsuraya Yaumi
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO),
Goers App
27 April 2017

12 – 1pm (UTC +8)

Global Problem Solvers Who Act Like Social Change Agents Ayesha Khanna,
Tech, Fintech and Smart Cities Advisor

Marisa Warren,
CEO, Chair & Founding Director @ ELEVACAO Foundation
opening soon
15 June 2017

12 – 1pm (UTC +8)

Global Problem Solvers Who Are Guardians of Our Planet Erin Yamaoka,
Technical Account Manager at Grameen Foundation

Brandi DeCarli,
Founding Partner,
Farm from a Box
opening soon


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Niki Tsuraya Yaumi <
Juliette Gimenez <
Nora Ayanian <
Jessica Glenn <
Tanuja Ganu <
Ruba Borno <
Jodie Fox <
Monique Morrow <
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Vanessa Sulikowski <
Shraddha Chaplot <
Alane Kosanovich <
Anu Sridharan <

Brandi DeCarli

Founding Partner,
Farm from a Box

Brandi DeCarli is the Founding Partner of Farm from a Box, an off-grid, modularly designed farm system that provides communities with the tools and technology needed to increase local food production. Previously, Brandi was the Managing Partner of Human.kind Philanthropic Advisory Company, where she worked to develop cross-sector partnerships with private corporations, governments, and philanthropic organizations. An avid adventurer, she is passionate about driving positive change in the world through innovation, inclusion, and connection. Brandi is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley.

Niki Tsuraya Yaumi

COO and Co-Founder, Goers

Niki is the co-founder and COO of Goers, a lifestyle and entertainment app that lets people know what’s happening in their city and connect with each other over shared interests and events. The app just launched for Android a few months ago, so it’s still early to say much about its performance.

What’s clear, though, is that Niki is a high performer. She studied information systems at the Bandung Institute of Technology and at the University of Warwick, has had a stint at Microsoft, and was vice president of business development in a small venture capital firm before starting Goers. Having specialized in leading teams and managing organizations from early on, a COO like her can make all the difference in a startup.

Juliette Gimenez,

Co-Founder & CEO, Goxip

Juliette Gimenez is the co-founder and CEO of Goxip, a mobile-first app that allows users to search, discover and shop fashion through image recognition & celebrity style feeds. A serial entrepreneur and pre-IPO startup builder, Juliette was the founding member & Chief Revenue Officer at Cdiscount Thailand, a B2B & B2C ecommerce site which was listed on Nasdaq in 2014.

Previously, she was the vice president at ubuyibuy, a startup which was acquired by Groupon and got listed on Nasdaq in 2011. At Groupon HK, Juliette helped in building the business, resulting in a gross revenue of USD 30 million within 11 months.

Nora Ayanian

Gabilan Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California

Nora Ayanian is a Gabilan Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California. Prior to USC, Ayanian was a postdoctoral associate at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Ayanian holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ayanian studies and develops end-to-end solutions for coordinating teams of robots, combining automation and artificial intelligence to create autonomous collaboration and control. These solutions take very high level specifications, such as simple multi-touch input from a tablet, and provide automated code delivery to all robots in the team. Her solutions are broadly applicable across all aspects of multi-robot systems and mobile sensor networks, including manufacturing, warehousing, environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, and emergency response.

She has been recognized as MIT Technology Review’s “35 Innovators under 35” (2016), Robohub’s “25 Women in Robotics You Need to Know” (2016),’s “Mic50” (2015), NerdWallet’s “40 Under 40: Professors who Inspire” (2014), and IEEE Intelligent Systems’s “AI’s 10 to Watch” (2013). She has also won several prestigious research grants, including a National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2016) and Okawa Research Grant (2016), and has been honored for her mentorship of undergraduate women in research with USC’s Hanna Reisler Mentorship Award (2015).

Jessica Glenn

Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
OneShift and Skilld's

Jessica Glenn, with days of experienced banker well behind her, is a seasoned veteran within the startup world. A natural when it comes to technology she has delivered large scale projects doing what it takes to get it over the line.

As OneShift and Skilld's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Jessica now leads a team of incredibly talented developers, leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms in order to make sure that the right person is matched with the right job at precisely the right time.

Tanuja Ganu

Co-Founder and CTO
DataGlen Inc.

Tanuja is a Co-Founder and CTO at DataGlen Inc., an early-stage startup that focuses on building IoT-based industrial asset management platform to help customers maximise Return on Investment (RoI) and improve quality of operations in different verticals including renewable energy sources, healthcare and transportation.

In the past, she has worked as Research Engineer at IBM Research, India. At IBM, her work was focused on developing low cost innovative solutions to address energy related problems that are applicable for developing as well as developed countries. This work includes innovative design of nPlug (a plug for decentralized micro demand response), SocketWatch (an autonomous appliance monitoring system for detecting electricity wastage and appliance malfunctioning).

As a mother of a two-year-old daughter, Tanuja is very passionate about encouraging young women to explore STEM opportunities, to solve real-world problems and make a technological impact. With research interests in machine learning, embedded analytics and data driven optimisation, she has published more than 15 scientific publications and filed 7 disclosures at USPTO.

Tanuja has been recognized as MIT Technology Review’s  Innovator Under 35 (MIT TR 35) in 2014. She has also served on the judges committee for MIT TR35 2015 and 2016. She has won IBM Eminence and Excellence award and IBM first invention plateau award. Her work was covered by top technical media (IEEE Spectrum, MIT TRIBM Research blog  and Innovation 26X26: 26 innovations by 26 IBM women).

Prior to joining IBM Research, she led SharePoint Center-of-Excellence team at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. She pursued her Masters in Computer Science at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and Bachelor in Computer Science at Walchand College of Engineer, Sangli, India.

Ruba Borno, Ph.D.

Vice President, Growth Initiatives and Chief of Staff to CEO

Ruba Borno is Vice President of Growth Initiatives and Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer.

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, Ruba leads business strategy and planning, provides market insights to support Cisco's investment and technology strategies, and informs the CEO agenda.

Ruba was previously a Principal at The Boston Consulting Group and a leader in their Technology, Media & Telecommunications, and People & Organization practice groups. Known for her prioritization and execution, she supported the most senior executives of enterprise and consumer technology companies as they managed organizational change, increased operational effectiveness, and accelerated business growth. In this capacity she worked closely with Cisco executives on engineering, business, and people transformation initiatives. She also co-authored articles including "Break Up or Shake Up: Get Ready for the Technology Industry Revolution" and "Technology Companies: Putting People First".

Ruba has been an Intel Ph.D. fellow at the National Science Foundation's Engineering Research Center for Wireless Integrated MicroSystems, where her research focused on wireless sensor technology. During her graduate studies, Ruba also worked at Mobius Microsystems to optimize and commercialize solid state frequency control devices.

She has contributed to 10 peer-reviewed research publications, multiple books, and has been the recipient of the Marian Sarah Parker Prize as an outstanding woman engineering graduate student at the University of Michigan. She is also passionate about tackling education and poverty-related challenges, and has served in a pro bono capacity with City Year San Jose / Silicon Valley, Rocketship Education, and United Way of the Bay Area's MatchBridge program.

Ruba holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with honors from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Jodie Fox

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer,
Shoes of Prey

Jodie Fox is one of the three co-founders of Shoes of Prey, a website where women can design their perfect pair of shoes.

Jodie manages the product research & development and communications for Shoes of Prey. On a day-to-day basis, this involves searching for new materials, consulting with clients on their designs, looking for new designs to bring into the range, devising and implementing communication strategies, and talking to press, celebrities and designers about Shoes of Prey. To date campaigns run by Shoes of Prey have received global recognition from sources such as Wall Street Journal, Sky Business news, Business Insider and many more.

The shape and flavour that Jodie brings to the brand Shoes of Prey is borne out of a career with one of Australia's advertising agencies. Prior to working in the advertising and fashion worlds Jodie spent a number of years practising as a Banking and Finance lawyer with Australian law firm, Ashurst. It was at law school that she met Michael Fox and Michael Knapp, the other two co-founders of Shoes of Prey.

Subscribe to Jodie's YouTube channel to get entrepreneurial tips on how to run a successful business.

Monique Jeanne Morrow

CTO Cisco Services
Cisco Systems, Inc.


Monique Morrow is the CTO of Cisco Services. In her role, she leads the development of strategic technology and business architectures for Cisco customers and partners. Current focus areas include: M2M Security; eHealth; next generation software architecture and machine learning algorithms.

Synopsis of Sustainable Accomplishments

Monique was engaged with Cisco during the start-up days in the mid-1980s and has since returned to Cisco. Her unique 14+ year journey has taken her from Customer Advocacy to Corporate Consulting Engineering, with an emphasis on the Service Provider Segment. Monique has even held a position in the field [Asia-Pacific], where her goal was to not only build a technology team but to also train her successor as she transitioned her duties.

Monique bet on MPLS as a technology service enabler and was proven right. She was one of the leaders in the development of this critical business opportunity for Cisco in the Service Provider segment, Service Provider Next Gen Network (SP NGN).
Under Cisco's Office of the CTO, both as an individual contributor and manager, Monique built a strong leadership team in Asia-Pacific. Her specific geo-area targets were China and India. Monique’s role in these important regions drove Cisco's globalization and country strategies and met all of her targeted goals.

Monique has consistently demonstrated the willingness and courage to take risks and explore new market opportunities for Cisco. These innate qualities are part of her DNA and are of great value to the company and all the global organizations in which she is involved.


Cisco Tech Fund Winner, Programmable Seamless Virtual Cloud Framework. Details captured in the press:

Seamless Cloud Concept Introduction:
Seamless Cloud Demo Video (5 min):
Seamless Cloud Realization (with Multi-Site Openstack Controllers, Cisco SDN framework OnePK and over Multi-AS MPLS VPN network):

Monique on Innovation:

Digital EU Interview

ITU-T Interview:

Monique continues to move the needle both at Cisco and in the industry.

Monique is the 2014 IEEE Region 8 Women in Engineering Clementina Saduwa Award Recipient.

Monique IEEE Young Professionals Webinar on "Why Engineering Matters for Women"

Monique is passionate about Girls in ICT and has been active at the ITU on this topic and presented at the EU Parliament on April 25 2013 as an advocate for Cisco and our company's CTSO, Padmasree Warrior.

Monique is on the Strategic Advisory Board for the School of Computer Science at North Carolina State University.

Monique's numerous professional associations include the following and industry influence:

  • President of the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Asia Pacific, 2012-2014
  • Vice Chair, ITU-T Telecommunications Advisory Group, for period 2013-2016 as confirmed by the US State Dept;
  • Broadband Commission WG Broadband and Gender;
  • Vice Chair of the ITU-T Focus Group on Cloud Computing
  • Chair of the Joint Coordination Activity (JCA) Chair on Cloud Computing
  • Vice Chair of the ITU-T Focus Group for M2M Service Layer
  • Cisco Representative to ITU-T TSB/CTO Meetings
  • Served as IETF/IAB Liaison to ITU-T for NGN
  • Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE)
  • Active in the ITU Girls in ICT initiative
  • Member of IEEE Women in Engineering.
  • Life Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
  • Served as Vice-Chair of the IPsphere Forum (IPSF) - (integrated into the TM Forum)
  • Served as Advisory Director for the TM Forum.
  • Technical Program Committee for MPLS 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012.
  • Technical Advisory Board of IEEE ComSoc ONTC PRISM

Standards Publications

Monique has been a leader in standards' publications, e.g. IETF and ITU-T.


Morrow, Monique, and Kateel Vijayananda. Developing IP-based Services: Solutions for Service Providers and Vendors. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann, 2003. Print.
Behringer, Michael H., and Monique Morrow. MPLS VPN Security. Indianapolis, IN: Cisco, 2005. Print.
Morrow, Monique, and Azhar Sayeed. MPLS and Next-generation Networks: Foundations for NGN and Enterprise Virtualization. Indianapolis: Cisco, 2006. Print.

Monique has also been published in IEEE and other journals and is speaks frequently in conferences.


Monique currently has 8 patent submissions filed with US Patent Office.
She has five patents issued by the US Patent Office.


MBA, City University, Zurich, Switzerland.
M.S. Telecommunications Management, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California.
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, University of Southern California.
B.A., French, San Jose State University, San Jose, California.
Diplome d'Etudes Superieures de la Civilisation Francaise, L'Universite de Paris- Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Janet Ramey

Vice President, Cisco Technical Services
Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China

Janet has over 20 years experience in networking and the IT industry. She currently leads Technical Services at Cisco for the Asia Pacific, Greater China and Japan region. In this role, she is responsible for the strategic growth and enablement of Cisco services and support in the region and leads a team across 15 countries with a focus on driving the highest quality customer experience.

Janet joined Cisco in 1998 and has led global teams across Emerging Markets, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Throughout her career, Janet has played a key role in enhancing strategic planning processes, leading key initiatives, developing strategies to successfully scale delivery operations and is a strong advocate for talent development.

Janet has a passion for giving back to the community and has served on the American Red Cross, North Carolina New Schools and the Moxie Exchange Boards. In her focus on promoting diversity Janet sponsors Cisco's regional Inclusion and Diversity and Connected Women's employee resource groups, and served as co-lead for Connected Women of North Carolina.

Vanessa Sulikowski

Distinguished Systems Engineer

Vanessa Sulikowski is a Distinguished Systems Engineer for Collaboration; she has been working in the Networking and ICT industry for over 20 years. Vanessa joined Cisco in late 2000 as a Systems Engineer (SE) and for nearly 15 years Vanessa has specialised in designing and implementing Unified Communications and Collaboration. She is considered a Trusted Advisor for many top customers and partners across the Asia Pacific region and is the global voice of the customer to Cisco's business units.

Vanessa has presented at many Cisco events including Cisco Live - Networkers internationally in Europe, USA, Korea, The Middle East as well as Cisco Live - Networkers in Australia since 2001 and she has been repeatedly recognised as a Distinguished Speaker. She has also presented at many industry events such as Microsoft TechEd, Wainhouse Summit, QuestNet and Citrix Technology Showcase. Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Computer Science Honours degree (majoring in Networking) from the University of Newcastle and has achieved Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) Voice.

Vanessa is very passionate about Women in IT and is a member of many organisations and forums focused on women and technology, she has presented at Global Tech Women and as an eMCee and panellist at Females in IT & Technology (FITT) events and she is currently a mentor for young women in IT.

You can find her on:

Shraddha Chaplot

Machinegineer at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Shraddha has gone from Greengineer to Machinegineer, and is working on connecting the unconnected through Internet of Everything (IoE) experiments in Cisco's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team. She describes this as her dream job, where her pastimes, passions, and pondering have become her playground at work. Before CSR, Shraddha was Cisco's self-proclaimed Greengineer, where she built and led Cisco's Energy Star Compliance test lab. She began her career at the company as a hardware engineer in the Accessibility team where she tested products, spearheaded a $100,000 Cisco Research Gift for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and brought on Cisco's first two interns who were deaf.

A huge enthusiast of being your authentic self, Shraddha combines her love for engineering, STEAM (STEM + arts), hands-on projects, and wacky ideas to inspire and empower anyone and everyone, and in doing so, enabling them to realize their true potential. She is a member of Cisco's prestigious Silicon Valley Civic Council, where she is their champion for the STEAM initiative. Cisco was Shraddha's first job after college, and after seven years of taking and making amazing opportunities, she can't think of anywhere else she'd rather be.

Shraddha has been recognized as Silicon Valley Business Journal's (SVBJ) Forty Under 40 (2013), SVBJ's 100 Women of Influence (2014), YWCA's Emerging Leader for Cisco (2014), and profiled in WeAreCisco (2015), Cisco's Amazing Stories (2015), and as a Cisco Innovator (2012). She was featured in Vogue India's March 2015 issue, named one of Verve Magazine's Indian Power Women, is an Elle Geek, and will be speaking at Cisco's Women Rock-IT TV series. Shraddha is currently a board member on RIT/NTID's Foundation Board of Directors.

She believes that innovation is for everyone and that products do not always need to be used in their conventional manner. And most importantly, she believes everything you do should bring out the most basic elements of fun and playfulness.

Shraddha started as an intern at Cisco in Summer 2007 while getting her B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Machine Intelligence from University of California, San Diego. Her mother is a mathematical wizard, her father is a curious engineer, and she is everything she is because of them.

Alane Kosanovich Cahalane

Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, DVM, MA, DACVS-SA

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Board-Certified Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, Hong Kong

Alane is the CEO and co-founder of VSH Hong Kong, the first veterinary specialty and referral hospital in Asia. Founded in 2014, VSH Hong Kong provides advanced veterinary medical care, with expert technology and cutting edge equipment to rival the level of care found in the best human and veterinary hospitals around the world.

Alane has performed thousands of successful surgeries in dogs and cats, with expertise in orthopedic, neurologic, and soft tissue surgeries. Upon her arrival in Hong Kong in 2011, Alane became the first board-certified specialist in small animal surgery to practice and reside in Hong Kong. Given the high demand for specialized and technically advanced surgery for pets in Hong Kong, Alane’s current clinical interests include joint replacement, minimally-invasive techniques, as well as advanced cancer treatment. Her background in engineering and technology has created a powerful foundation for her recent accomplishments, including the use of computed tomographic (CT) images to develop custom 3D printed bones for pre-surgical planning.

Through lectures, labs and conferences held locally and abroad, Alane has shown commitment and substantial contribution to the ongoing advancement of veterinary science in Asia. She has published numerous scientific journal articles as well as a chapter in a well-known textbook. As the mother of two, including a six year old daughter, Alane is passionate about supporting young women and gender equality in all fields. Alane believes that her engineering background provided an invaluable springboard for success in veterinary science, and is a strong advocate for young women in engineering and technology fields.

Alane graduated from Cornell University with a four-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering, followed by a Master of Arts at Boston University. She then completed a four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, a one-year internship in small animal medicine and surgery, and an intensive three-year orthopedic, neurologic and soft tissue surgical residency at Cornell University.

Anu Sridharan

Anu Sridharan

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Anu Sridharan was recently selected to the Forbes ‘30 Social Entrepreneurs Under 30’ list for her work with NextDrop Inc. Anu holds a Masters form the Civic Environmental Engineering program at the University of California, Berkeley where her research focused on the optimization of piped networked systems in developing economies. Anu is an INK fellow, TED speaker, and also serves on the UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Counsel.


Cisco Networking Academy:

STEM Mentoring
Women Rock-IT Marketing Collateral

Presentations and Recordings: Women Who Rock-IT - Series 3

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Nora Ayanian,
Gabilan Assistant Professor of
Computer Science

Tanuja Ganu,
Co-Founder and CTO at DataGlen Inc.
Meet the Amazing Women Using
Technology to Change the World
(PDF - 5.20MB) (60min)

Presentations and Recordings: Women Who Rock-IT - Series 2

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Alane Cahalane
Co-Founder and Chief
Technology Officer
Veterinary Specialty

Anu Sridharan
Co-Founder and Chief
Technology Officer
The Surprising Role
Technology Plays in
Helping People and the Planet
(PDF - 4.6MB) (59min 34sec)
Ai Ching Goh
Founder and CEO

Xania Wong
Co-founder and CEO
Meet The Rock'in Entrepreneurs Using
Tech For Business Success
(PDF - 6.98MB) (62min 46sec)
Jodie Fox
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer,

Shraddha Chaplot
Machinegineer at Cisco Systems, Inc.
Women + Tech = Innovation (PDF - 3.52MB) (1hr 29sec)
Ruba Borno,
Cisco's Chief of Staff

Kar Yen Mooi
2015 NetRiders Champion,

Julia Vella
# 10 Ranked 2015 NetRiders,

Elise Marrott
2012 Regional NetRiders Runner Up

Lathifah Fatharani,
2014 Indonesian National Winner,
Female Champions proving IT's not just for the boys. (PDF - 10MB) (1hr 04sec)


Presentations and Recordings: Rockin Women At Cisco - Series 1

Speaker Presentation Recording
Monique Morrow
Chief Technology Officer
(PDF - 4.65MB) (1hr 21min)
Janet Ramey
Vice President
Technical Services
(PDF - 2.48MB) (1hr 6min)
Vanessa Sulikowski
Distinguished Systems Engineer
(PDF - 1.44MB) (1hr 4min)
Shraddha Chaplot
Greenginner and Machinegineer
(PDF - 7.37MB) (58min 37sec)

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