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Chris D

Creating a better mobile business experience

Cisco and Apple engineering teams have been working together to develop a superior app and voice experience for iPhone and iPad on the best corporate networks. Worldwide Sales EVP Chris Dedicoat explains why that’s critical to success.

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Join Chris Dedicoat, Cisco EVP Worldwide Sales and Field Operations as he hosts an exclusive global event featuring a special Apple executive guest speaker for an update on the partnership, our own Rowan Trollope who discusses 'the Future of Work'. Also see live demonstrations of our new mobility and collaboration solutions for iOS 10, a discussion about Services for Cisco Apple solutions and your next set of options to evaluate the solutions for your business.

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Enterprise mobility: Efficient and smart

Deliver the best wireless connection for your mobile employees. As people using an iPhone or iPad roam on campus, we enable their iOS devices to intelligently communicate and connect to the best-suited access point, quickly and efficiently while saving on battery, too. We're also simplifying deployments for IT, so employees get a reliable, consistent app experience, and IT can focus on the business.

Work gets top priority

Your employees rely on mobile devices to get work done. And they are using them for more than just work, so your business apps compete on network resources with, say, leisure apps. With the release of iOS 10, IT will have full control and be able to make sure the most critical apps to your business are automatically prioritised on your network, even when it is congested with other traffic.

Integrating voice and collaboration

Real-time communication is integral to business. And now more than ever that means messaging, meetings, and calling from your mobile device. This fall when iOS 10 is made available, you can take advantage of the deep integration between Cisco Spark and iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad. More than an app, Cisco Spark is a complete collaboration and service offering from the Cisco collaboration cloud.

A first-rate calling experience

Cisco Spark provides voice and video capabilities and will use new iOS APIs to directly integrate with iPhone. This gives your users a native experience when they make calls on iPhone. They can tap a contact in their address book, favorites, or recents and instantly make an enterprise voice or video call. They can also answer Cisco Spark calls right from the Lock screen, use connected headsets, and take advantage of call waiting to switch between calls whether they're on Cisco Spark or cellular. It's a collaboration experience designed for the enterprise.

Rowan Trollope

Our journey to simple and delightful products

The iOS 10 release means you can now take advantage of the joint solutions of Apple and Cisco. Our SVP and GM Rowan Trollope explains the path here, benefits like 8X faster roaming, and how this is just the beginning of the beginning for business communication.

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First wave of innovation

SVP Jeff Reed explains how iOS and Cisco devices recognise each other, which then turns on Wi-Fi optimisation and app prioritisation.

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Cisco Spark calling

VP/CTO Jonathan Rosenberg explains how iPhone users benefit from the mashup of native calling and VoIP calling in iOS 10.

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Services and solution support

Read SVP Joe Cozzolino's perspective on ensuring a great customer experience with Cisco Services and Solution Support for Apple.

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