Cisco Demonstrations

Cisco Stand Demonstrations

If you have a question about a Cisco solution, want to find out more about a specific technology, view the latest Cisco innovations in action or discover new advancements you weren't even aware of, the Cisco Stand is the place to visit. You'll have the unique opportunity to experience Cisco in a single, integrated journey plus speak with Cisco representatives from a wide spectrum of specialisations.


Cisco collaboration technology empowers teams to engage and innovate - anywhere, on any device. Experience how you can work continuously across multiple platforms and devices with messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing, and shared workspaces - on premises or in the cloud.

Cisco Collaboration Experience - The Future is Here!
At Cisco Live Melbourne the key focus areas in the World of Solutions will be:

Mobile Experience
See how Cisco mobile and team collaboration makes you more productive and responsive by extending capabilities to your mobile or tablet.

Customer Experience
Customer service is more interactive and collaborative when extending existing contact centre technologies with integrated voice, video, web and on-demand access to experts.

Workspace Experience
View the latest capabilities for enhancing and personalising your collaboration experience from your workspace - whether it be at home, in the office or when you're travelling.

Meeting Experience
See how Cisco facilitates team-based collaboration in boardrooms, meeting rooms, and video-centric rooms and extends this to participants joining from anywhere.

Under the Hood
Gain further insight into how Cisco is uniquely positioned to deliver a seamless collaboration experience to any room, desk, or pocket with a robust portfolio of solutions. Go under the hood to view the management systems, admin interfaces and infrastructure platforms.

Cisco Spark
Cisco Spark is an integrated Cloud solution for messaging, meeting and calling. Service options range from easy-to-use cloud-connected video room endpoint solutions to large-scale voice, web, and video conferencing services that bring everyone together.

Data Centre

Build your Data Centre for digital transformation with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite. See how you can build platforms to support microservices and intelligent automation using converged & hyperconverged policy-driven infrastructure.

UCS Manager and UCS Director
The UCS Manager and UCS Director demonstration shows customers how to manage, orchestrate and deploy applications on a Private Cloud Infrastructure comprising of Unified Computing System (UCS), Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), MDS and multi-vendor storage systems.

Enterprise Cloud Suite
The Enterprise Cloud Suite demonstration highlights key integrated technologies that enable private and hybrid cloud solutions. A self-service portal for customers to consume and track services on demand along with embedded tools for designing and developing application stacks for provisioning are included. Secure and consistent delivery of infrastructure provisioning are the primary tenants of this solution demonstration.

Intercloud Fabric
This demonstration shows how the Intercloud Fabric allows customers to build hybrid clouds and extend their existing data centre, on demand, securely to public cloud.

ACI Policy Management
Visit this demo to understand the possibilities of a Policy-based infrastructure powered by Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). ACI’s Policy language helps close the gap between business/application requirements and the network. You will see how this approach helps dramatically reduce complexity - leading to instant application deployment times, better security, simplified governance and ultimately lower operational costs.

ACI Security, micro-segmentation and L4-L7 Services
One of the most common production use cases for ACI is security. See how easy it is to apply whitelist security and zoning policies, cutting down on firewall rulesets and capacity requirements. Likewise, experience the options available for the network to intelligently insert security services such as Firewall and IPS - with policy - anywhere in the environment. Finally, explore the options for Micro-Segmentation, now available with a rich set of policy options and consistently applied across multiple-hypervisors and bare metal services.

ACI and OpenStack with GBP
Experience OpenStack networking like you haven’t seen it before - faster, more robust and far simpler. Understand the use of Group-Based Policy (GBP) - the new standard for defining network policy in OpenStack - and then see how this integrates with ACI to deliver the industry’s best experience for delivering rich OpenStack networking at scale.

Next Generation Fabric Interconnect
See the latest generation of Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect.

UCS C3260 Storage Server
The Cisco UCS C3260 is enabling business to define their own storage solutions with this highly scalable platform.

Enterprise Networks

Get ready to transform to a digital business. Cisco Enterprise Networks and Mobility helps drive business innovation through personalised experiences, agility, simplicity, and automation and security by detecting and containing threats. Visit the Enterprise Networks and Mobility area to learn how you can drive fast business outcomes in the campus, branch, WAN and mobile/remote locations.

Cisco Enterprise NFV
Cisco Enterprise Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) enables network services to be deployed at the branch using in virtualised and physical form factors using centralised orchestration.

iWAN Featuring Performance Routing
Whether using MPLS, the Internet, cellular, or a hybrid WAN access model, learn how to create intelligent WAN deployments that free up resources for new, innovative business services. IT can now easily and quickly- align network resources with business priorities and deliver a great user experience with an intuitive IWAN application

iWAN 4451-X WAAS / Akamai with AVC
Quickly roll out bandwidth-intensive applications locally on the router, while optimising the WAN with granular visibility and control and delivering content more efficiently through WAN optimisation.

Next Gen Workspace
Better User Workspaces can be designed with the new Catalyst 6807-XL Supervisor 6T and the new Cisco Catalyst Compact Switch. Together, they transform the workspace to be simpler and reduce cabling infrastructure. This setup also enables Enterprise IoT with a PoE enabled LED light powered by PoE and Perpetual PoE is also highlighted to showcase that the PoE enabled light retains power even during a switch power cycle. Using this setup, users are also enabled for 10G to the desktop.

Enterprise Network Security
As a sensor, your network gives you deep and broad visibility into unknown devices, unusual traffic patterns, and unexpected behaviour, with Cisco IOS NetFlow. Your network can now detect the undetected, proactively.

As an enforcer, your network can contain an attack with Cisco TrustSec by enforcing segmentation and user access control. So even when attackers get in, their access is limited to only one segment of the network.

Multigigabit Ethernet NBASE-T Technology
802.11ac Wave 2 promises a five-fold jump in wireless speeds, to 6.8 Gigabits. This faster speed means you can deploy more Wi-Fi applications to more users, resulting in superior user experiences. Cisco Catalyst Multigigabit Technology can prepare your access switches for future innovations by delivering speeds beyond 1 Gigabit on existing Category 5e cables. This technology also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+, and Cisco Universal PoE (UPOE) so you don’t need to install new electrical circuits to power your access points.

Cloud Networking provides centralised management, visibility, and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software.

Cisco Meraki products are built from the ground up for cloud management, and come out of the box with centralised management, layer 7 device and application visibility, real time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much, much more. Cisco Meraki deploys quickly and easily, without training or proprietary command line interfaces.

Mobility Express
Wi-Fi technology keeps advancing. With more devices attaching to the network and more bandwidth-intensive applications in use, mobile usage continues to rise. How do small and medium-sized businesses with little or no IT staff keep pace with unexpected growth?

The Cisco Mobility Express Solution is specifically designed to help small and medium-sized networks easily and cost-effectively deliver enterprise-class wireless access to employees and customers.

Cisco Energy Management Suite
Imagine being able to see, measure, and manage the energy usage of all the devices in your IT network. How much could you save if every server, router, switch, laptop, monitor, IP phone, wireless access point, and printer in the enterprise automatically powered up and down based on productivity?

The Cisco Energy Management Suite includes software and services that help you measure and manage the energy use of all the connected devices across your distributed office and data centre environments. It is designed to help you cut energy costs across your distributed office by 35 percent and gain 100 percent visibility into the energy use of every device in your data centre. Cisco Energy Management Suite empowers you to implement best practices for energy management across the enterprise and seeing savings not in weeks or months, but days.

Cisco Connected Analytics
Cisco Connected Analytics is a family of pre-packaged analytics software, gives organisations the tools to take on the ever increasing data challenge directly. Each analytics package is designed to give organisations across industries access to real-time information, predictions, and trends that can have an immediate impact on your business. Connected Analytics for Network Deployment (CAND) is software as a service that provides a data-focused, algorithmic approach to network deployment and optimisation activities. With CAND, the IT organisation can improve readiness for network-focused business initiatives like big data, video, or private cloud. Cisco Connected Analytics for Retail (CAR) is packaged analytics software and services that provide retailers with actionable insight on customer shopper behaviour and store operations. Use it to improve your customers' in store experience and boost store performance.

Enterprise Mobility Services Platform
Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform simplifies deployment and management of mobile experiences to accelerate your digital business transformation. It uses context-aware data, like location and user profile information, to deliver personalised experiences that engage people on their mobile devices. Use it to improve customer experiences and expand business opportunities.

With this software platform, you can create captive portals or splash pages for guest Internet access and authentication. You can also develop native and web-based mobile apps, or add context-awareness to your existing mobile apps. Organisations can push personalised content to visitors and customers on their mobile devices to create new opportunities for engagement and revenue.

Cisco Management Plug and Play System - Prime Infrastructure
The Cisco Plug and Play Solution reduces the burden on enterprises by providing a mechanism that drastically simplifies the process of deploying new devices. With Cisco Plug and Play solution, a new device can be deployed by any installer at the site, without having any prior knowledge of the IOS CLIs. See how Plug and Play deploys Integrated Services Routers (ISR) at the branch and remote sites.

APIC Enterprise Management-QOS / PT APIC-EM
SDN promises great improvements in network agility, ease of deployment, and manageability. Ultimately, it can lower your cost of operations. The key to realising the benefits of SDN is policy model that allows the abstraction of the underlying complexity of network elements. In this model, the controller is responsible for translating business intent (expressed through policy) into network configuration. Learn how the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module enables a policy based approach to the operation of enterprise networks that extends the policy model from the data centre to the end user. Industry experts will share their real-world experiences and demonstrate multiple solutions across the data centre, WAN, and access domains as well with third party ecosystem development partners. This will to help you formulate your own SDN strategy. The Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC EM) extends Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to the WAN and access edge. ACI is a holistic architecture for centralised automation of policy-based application profiles. Through programmability, automated network control helps IT rapidly respond to new business opportunities.

Cisco Active Advisor
Cisco Active Advisor is a free online service that automates network discovery and analysis of your network inventory.

Available by itself, or as a component of other Cisco network management applications, Cisco Active Advisor reduces the overall risk of your network administration by keeping you up-to-date.


Cisco Security demonstrates how Cisco delivers intelligent Cyber security for the real world. From leading network protection with FirePOWER Threat Defence, Content Security both on-premise and in the cloud via Cloud Web Security and OpenDNS, and Advanced Malware Protection for both endpoints and the network, the best Cisco has to offer is on display.

Active Threat Analytics
Active Threat Analytics provide continuous monitoring and advanced analytics capabilities combined with industry-leading threat intelligence and expert investigators, to rapidly detect advanced threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cyber Range Service
The Cisco Cyber Range Service helps security staff build the skills and experience necessary to combat modern cyber threats. Based on real-world conditions, Cyber Range provides a synthetic war-gaming environment that allows staff to play the role of both attacker and defender in order to learn the latest methods of vulnerability exploitations and the use of advanced tools and techniques to mitigate and uproot threats.

Cisco Threat Awareness Service
Based on Cisco’s extensive network visibility and threat intelligence, Threat Awareness Service lets you see potential threats to your network through an external web portal. This round-the-clock service provides visibility into both inbound and outbound network traffic. As an add-on to the Cisco Smart Net Total Care™ Service, configuration changes, additional equipment, or software. You can deploy the service quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Then enjoy the advanced security features and peace of mind it brings.

OpenDNS enables you to connect to the Internet with confidence on any device, anywhere, anytime. The Umbrella cloud-delivered network security service blocks advanced attacks, as well as malware, botnets, and phishing threats regardless of port, protocol, or application. Its predictive intelligence uses machine learning to automate protection against emergent threats before they can reach customers. OpenDNS protects all devices globally without hardware to install or software to maintain.

Web Security Appliance
Protect your organisation from advanced threats in highly connected and mobile environments with an architectural approach to web security. Cisco Web Security delivers strong protection, flexible control, and continuous innovation in a wide range of deployment options to combat today’s emerging threats.

Email Security Appliance
Explore high-availability email protection against today’s dynamic, rapidly changing threats with Cisco Email Security. Its approach to email security can deliver protection hours or even days ahead of the competition. Its simple setup and automation mean you’re protected within minutes with a cost-effective and up-to-date solution.

Cloud Web Security, Cloud Access Security
Cisco Cloud Web Security offers comprehensive web defence with superior deployment flexibility and lower costs than on-premises products. New features include Cisco Advanced Malware Protection and Cognitive Threat Analytics for detection and threat blocking, log extraction for granular reporting and bandwidth-based consumption.

Cyber Threat Defence
Increase your resiliency against attack, block known threats, and reduce the time to discovery and time to containment for advanced threats that have penetrated your defences with Cisco Cyber Threat Defence, a Cisco Validated Design.

FirePOWER Management Centre and Services for ASA
Improve your network threat protection across the entire attack continuum: integrated visibility of your network before an attack, advanced threat protection during an attack, and scoping and remediation after an attack.

Cisco Meraki MX.
Meraki Security Appliances provide a complete unified threat management Cloud-managed solution. The security appliance features include a stateful firewall and integrated Sourcefire intrusion prevention (IPS) engine, to secure your networks. Threat definitions and filter lists are seamlessly updated, ensuring every MX has bleeding-edge protection from the latest vulnerabilities and troublesome websites.

Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Trustsec.
Learn to map business assets and functions directly to contextual access policies with Cisco Identity Services Engine and TrustSec technology. These security policies can be used to segment the extended network, enforce resource usage, dynamically manage and simplify security configurations, and eliminate the need for complex network changes.

AMP for Endpoints and AMP for Network
Protect your organisation from cyber attacks. Cisco Advanced Malware Detection provides the threat intelligence, visibility, and control to not only prevent breaches, but also quickly detect, contain, and remediate threats before they can do their damage.

AMP Threat Grid
Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Threat Grid provides static and dynamic analysis with proactive threat intelligence, allowing security teams to quickly detect, track, respond to, and remediate advanced threats in their environments.

Service Provider Security Solutions
Learn about high-performance network-driven security services for Service Providers. This new release is a carrier-class security gateway designed to make security a business enabler. Cisco Security Services Architecture with Evolved Programmable Network advances agility and supports operating expense reductions in mobility, video, networking, cloud, and services.
It combines proven security capabilities of the Cisco ASA firewall with the industry-leading Sourcefire threat and advanced malware protection in a single device. This solution delivers superior capability compared to competing NGFW solutions.

Service Provider

Cisco Service Provider will demonstrate how real-world solutions yield desired business outcomes-reduce OpEx, enhance agility, and generate new revenue streams - all through Cisco Evolved Programmable Network and Evolved Services Platform.  See how innovations like SDN, NFV and automation across mobile, video, cloud and networking environments can increase profitability.

Evolved Programmable Network Manager
The Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager is a network management solution that provides simplified, converged, multilayer management of carrier-grade networks of all sizes.

Cisco Assurance Platform
Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) help enable improved cloud service delivery models, with significant benefits to Service Providers, including services agility, increased monetisation opportunities, and reduced costs. However, the dynamism of the network and service topologies introduced by these technologies make it extremely challenging for traditional assurance systems to help guarantee service SLAs. This demo provides an overview of the required attributes for enabling real-time assurance across both physical and virtual infrastructure.

Network Service Orchestration
Network service orchestration including Tail-F technology is a solution that enables service providers to effectively configure, provision, and automate network infrastructure resources that are either traditional physical or virtual. It is designed to handle scenarios of an ever-increasing complexity and opens up to a future-proof technology, enabling agile services delivery with reduced operational costs.
In these demonstrations, we will show the flexibility in implementing network service orchestration in complex physical and virtual environments using the standards based NETCONF protocol and YANG data modelling language to simplify network programmability and automation.

Application Engineered Routing
Cisco's WAN Automation Engine (WAE) is the only Predictive Software Defined Networking Platform designed for Wide Area Networks (WANs) and is a powerful and flexible Sotfware Defined Network (SDN) component of the Evolved Services Platform (ESP) that automates the engineering and operations of multivendor physical and virtual infrastructure. It abstracts and simplifies the WAN environment while making it fully open and programmable, providing a consistent operational experience for optimising and deploying innovative new services such as global load balancing, bandwidth calendaring, bandwidth on demand, and premium network routing.

Virtual Topology System
The Virtual Topology System is designed to help the Service Provider operations teams manage and automate the provisioning of their data centre overlay networks. It is especially suitable for organisations looking to reduce data centre complexity and enhance the agility of their multitenant cloud environments.

Virtualised Distributed Denial of Service (vDDoS) Solution for SP
 Is your network protected from DDoS attacks? Learn how you can detect and block DDoS attacks and other malicious traffic automatically using the Cisco ASR 9000 vDDoS Protection Solution with Arbor Networks Peakflow SP. The vDDoS solution resides on the VSM module. It identifies and blocks malicious attack traffic while protecting terabytes of traffic across multiple points in your network infrastructure.

Virtual Managed Services
The Cisco’s virtualised managed services solutions for providers is based on the Evolved Services Platform (ESP), which provides a unique opportunity for providers to offer automated and flexible managed services. This solution leverages Software Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualisation, open APIs, and advanced multivendor network service orchestration capabilities running on cloud data centre technology. It supports self-service web portals and cloud service delivery technology that allow customers to easily order and configure services, reducing service provider customer acquisition, installation, and support expenses.

IOS XRv 9000
IOS XRv 9000 is a high performance virtual router with optimised software-based data plane. IOS XRv 9000 is based on fully exercised ASR9000 software and can be launched on x86 server as a virtual machine.

Digital Transformation

Digital Communities
See how the Internet of Things will transform how communities work, and how constituents, workers and visitors will use and interact with the city. Cisco is helping drive this transformation through digitisation of services, from smarter Connected Buses and Trains, Smart Parking and Roadway digitisation, Connected Lighting and enhanced Public Safety.

  • Connected Train Demonstration - See how the Connected Train will enhance passenger safety, improve the performance of the train system, provide Internet connectivity as you travel and enhance the passenger experience.
  • Connected Bus Demonstration - Public buses and coaches can now provide details of their location and performance via the web. See what Cisco is doing to enable public WiFi at bus stands, on buses, and how digital technologies will make the journey experience more enjoyable.
  • Connected City Demonstration - Cisco is enabling city leaders to provide better public safety and better access to services, using digital technologies to create a digital platform to manage city services like security, parking, lighting, information and citizen services.
  • Connected Public Safety Demonstration - Security is more important than ever before. Cisco is helping thwart attacks by using video analytics to identify situations and analysing threats and potential attackers before they strike. See a demonstration of demographic analysis on the Connected City stand.

Digital Learning and Digital Campus
Cisco Education is enabling a new digital world with visionary technologies across Digital Learning and the Digital Campus that support innovative learning experiences, greater administrative efficiencies and sustainable systems. Our digital platforms and solutions are building a world in which schools, colleges and universities are fully connected and where students can learn without limits.

Connected Factory
Today’s factories and industrial plants operate at very high speed, 24/7. Come and see how Cisco is creating the Connected Factory, using Digital technology to improve safety, machine operation performance, predictive maintenance, quality assurance and production streamlining. The Fanuc Robot will be on hand to demonstrate precision placement!

Digital Health
As hospitals become digitised, they are connecting patients, care providers, payers, devices, and suppliers, which create new opportunities for the healthcare industry. Join us at the Digital Health area and see how new connections and information-sharing are made possible when innovative cloud, mobility, security, and telehealth solutions come together.

Connected Venues
Connected Venues will showcase live demonstrations of StadiumVision, Mobile Intelligent Onboarding and Venue Analytics. See how these technology solutions can enhance the connected experience at multiple types of venues across multiple industry sectors including Sports & Entertainment, Hospitality, Transportation and Retail.

Inside Cisco

Built-In Security & Trust
Cisco is committed to building strong product protections and strives to earn your trust by being trustworthy, transparent and accountable. See demonstrations on Cisco SDL and data protection processes, Secure by Default and Integrity Verification. See how the Cisco Emergency Response Vehicle securely connects the unconnected during a crisis.

Cisco Asset Management Service
Asset Management Service is a personalised, consultative engagement that provides complete visibility of a customer's Cisco product installed base across their entire network. The service helps customers proactively manage their assets so that they can get maximum value out of their product investments and mitigate risks associated with Last Date of Support (LDoS) and aging infrastructures.

Cisco Asset Management provides three levels of service: Standard, Premium, and Tailored, providing customers with the flexibility for selecting what level of personalisation they need to help them improve asset manageability. Each level of service includes a designated Asset Manager resource.

Cisco Powered
Cisco Powered services are based on a best-in-class portfolio of flexible and scalable solutions designed to minimise the complexity of the entire technology lifecycle, resulting in faster adoption, higher productivity, and more reliable operation. Service providers offering Cisco Powered services must undergo a rigorous certification process and a third-party audit of their solutions to verify their services will be deployed over proven architectures with superior levels of support, professional service, security, and 24/7 support. You’ll also automatically benefit from industry-wide innovation and leading technology as a result of Cisco and its partners’ ongoing R&D investment, giving you a powerful advantage over your competition. Learn how you can connect with confidence at the Cisco Powered Theatre in the World of Solutions.

Customer Success Lounge
The Customer Success Lounge is designed to help you resolve tech issues faster with personalised help from Cisco Customer Success experts. 

  • Visit the Smart Bar to set-up your Smart Net Total Care portal or discuss questions about getting the most out of the collector. Have a personalised reconciliation of your installed base and possible risk areas. Access best practices, digital tools, resources, and Customer Success experts committed to helping you drive value and sleep better at night.
  • Test your gaming skills against the Cisco ONE software experts
  • Download the Mobile Technical Support App to view the status of your support cases
  • Experience Cisco Solutions Support - the next generation multi-vendor support model taking our customers by storm

Digital Solutions
Enterprises are using digital technologies to gain strategic advantage and outperform their competitors. Digital Business is about new business paradigms that connect people, business and things to drive revenue and efficiency. In the era of digital business, Cisco is helping customers accelerate time to business outcomes with new offers and frameworks.
Find out how Cisco’s Digital Solutions can help customers achieve their business goals and accelerate their digital business transformation. Please join us in the World of Solutions to learn about:

  • Customer Experience: Transform your customers’ experience to improve satisfaction, enhance customer loyalty, and increase revenue by measuring and optimising every interaction across the customer journey.
  • Workforce Experience: Increase employee engagement, productivity, and enhance innovation by transforming the workplace into flexible, collaborative environments that enable a digital workforce

Inside Cisco IT
Take a look inside Cisco’s Internal IT Organisation.
Find out how Cisco addresses many of the same IT challenges you face every day. Benefit from practical experience and lessons learned deploying Cisco products and technologies in a global enterprise infrastructure. See how these solutions help to implement strategies that get results.Because IT is instrumental in turning company business strategies into reality, IT professionals need information that helps them plan and develop successful technology deployments. Through success stories and other resources, you’ll get practical information about Cisco IT's own deployments. Find out how these network solutions are yielding productivity gains, cost savings, and other business benefits.

A key competitive advantage for Cisco is how we use our own technology to drive productivity
- John Chambers, Executive Chairman

Learning@Cisco addresses the need for technical talent worldwide for Cisco customers, partners, and network professionals by providing the educational training, certifications, social communities, knowledge systems, and consulting services necessary to accelerate productivity, opportunity, and growth and to recruit, train and evolve talent. Learning@Cisco drives the talent development needed to evolve the workforce of today to meet the demands of tomorrow, and to close the global networking skills talent gap.

From award-winning certifications and training to the first social learning community, the Cisco Learning Network, and state-of-the-art technology games, Learning@Cisco helps the world master the language of the network.

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