Cisco Integrated Management Controller (IMC) Supervisor

Flexible Standalone Server Management

IMC provides comprehensive remote management for C-Series rack servers. IMC Supervisor enables centralized management, system inventory, fault reporting, and policy-based configuration templates for C-Series and E-Series servers across one or more sites.


Managing Standalone C-Series Servers

The flexibility to manage standalone rack servers or as part of Cisco UCS. (PDF - 351 KB)

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Features and Capabilities

Cisco IMC

  • Simplified server setup and configuration, including local storage configuration
  • Remote management, virtual Keyboard-Video-Mouse (vKVM) with recorder and chat, administration, and power management
  • Embedded system health monitoring
  • Programmatic XML API interface enabling scriptwriting and third-party management tool integration

Cisco IMC Supervisor

  • Centralized management and reporting for Cisco UCS C-Series and E-Series servers
  • Inventory and health status with Smart Call Home feature
  • Policy-based configuration templates
  • REST and XML APIs for programmatic access and control