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In the mobile Internet service provider business environment, a new breed of pure-play cloud providers has emerged. These competitors are adept at introducing new Internet services rapidly, without the complexity of operating a network.

This environment gives you the opportunity to offer similar hosted cloud Internet services. But with an advantage: greater control and efficiency from your secured network.

  • In the evolved mobile Internet, you can:
  • Unlock the power of visual network knowledge to increase operational excellence, deliver better customer experience, and expand value
  • Integrate heterogeneous access, core network, and cloud resources, both physical and virtual, across multivendor networks
  • Take advantage of cloud efficiencies through separate control and data planes
  • Gain web-speed agility to capture new revenue opportunities
  • Increase control over your network as you virtualize, orchestrate, and automate network functions

Cisco open network architecture for service providers is a comprehensive framework to make networks more open, more elastic, and more extensible. This new approach to service provider architecture consists of three functional layers:

The Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) layer includes both traditional purpose-built products and virtualized (or network function virtualization [NFV]) products.

The true value of the virtualized network stems from successfully orchestrating and automating the physical and virtual solutions as a single architecture. Cisco delivers this capability through the Evolved Services Platform (ESP), representing the orchestration and management capabilities within the Cisco open network architecture for service providers.

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