Cisco Breakaway Schools Program

Pupil Smiling Two common goals unite educational leaders at the national, regional and school level: improving educational excellence and making the best of public money. The stakes for meeting these goals have never been higher, as educators strive to prepare pupils to enter a workforce that increasingly values collaboration. More and more leaders are recognizing that smart use of technology can be a major help in delivering more personalised, collaborative and relevant educational services. In partnership with Cisco, school districts around the world are breaking away from the status quo to build an educational foundation that prepares pupils for the 21st century.

The Cisco Breakaway Schools Program focuses on two key areas of the education process:

  • Improving the learning environment by helping schools run themselves more efficiently and effectively.
  • Improving the learning itself, by enabling collaboration between schools, pupils and teachers.

The Program combines networking solutions with practical business strategies for schools. Cisco offers solutions such as security, advanced IP communications and video that can be delivered over a converged IP network providing a secure and effective environment where pupils can learn at their convenience. The Program has already generated success stories in diverse school districts in Europe and in the US who are benefiting from cost savings and more cost-effective use of time.

Cisco Security

Cisco Video