Enterprise Network Security

Lock Out Cybercriminals

Learn how to turn your network into a security policy enforcer.

Lock Out Cybercriminals

Your network holds the key to defending your organization. The Cisco switches, routers, and wireless solutions you deploy can complement and empower your security systems to further safeguard your customers and data.

Right now, it's critical for organizations to protect themselves from potential security attacks.

The attack surface is getting larger. Today's technology trends like mobility, cloud, and the Internet of Things are multiplying the points of infiltration into your network. And attackers are getting more sophisticated. They are often part of international cybercrime organizations, and they may understand your network—and your defenses—better than you do.

As a result, discovery and network remediation of the breaches are complex and can take a long time. On a global end-to-end network, rolling out a fix to every branch and campus can take weeks. Even months. That's time you can't afford.

Protection Through the Network

So how do you protect yourself? Use all the security measures you have in place like advanced malware protection and firewalls. And then, activate one of the strongest tools you've got: the network itself. That means Cisco Catalyst switches, Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) and Aggregation Services Routers (ASRs), and wireless products. These network solutions, in conjunction with the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, can protect you throughout the attack continuum, before, during and after an attack.

How? In three important ways: as a sensor, as an enforcer, and as a mitigation accelerator.

As a sensor, your network gives you deep and broad visibility into unknown devices, unusual traffic patterns, and unexpected behavior, with Cisco IOS NetFlow. So your network can now detect the undetected, proactively.

As an enforcer, your network can contain an attack with Cisco TrustSec by enforcing segmentation and user access control. So even when attackers get in, their access is limited to only one segment of the network.

As a mitigation accelerator, your network can remediate breaches faster through automation with the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC). So instead of rolling out mitigation and network remediation box by box over a period of weeks or months, you can apply it in near real time to your whole enterprise.

That's the power of the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. And that's how you can protect your enterprise: by uniting the forces of Cisco advanced malware protection and firewalls with your Cisco network's capacities as a sensor, enforcer, and mitigation accelerator.

So double your defenses and confront your security threats head-on with Cisco enterprise network security.

Five Actions to Help Defend Your Network

To protect your data, your customers, and your reputation, take full advantage of your Cisco network investment by taking these five actions:

Take advantage of Cisco Services to assess, design, and implement an optimized security solution for your enterprise.

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