Threat-Centric Security

Changing business models, a dynamic threat landscape, and complex, fragmented security solutions call for a new security model.

To deal with today's biggest security challenges, organizations need a simpler, scalable, threat-centric approach that addresses security across the entire attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack.

Before an attack, you need comprehensive awareness of and visibility showing what's on the extended network so you can implement policies and controls to defend it.

During an attack, the ability to continuously detect malware and block it is critical.

After an attack, you need to marginalize the impact of an attack by identifying point of entry, determining the scope, containing the threat, eliminating the risk of re-infection, and remediating.

The Cisco threat-centric security model is built to address your biggest security challenges, cover the entire attack continuum, and reduce security gaps and complexity caused by disparate products and disjointed solutions.

The comprehensive Cisco portfolio of platform-based cybersecurity solutions offer these benefits.


The solutions can:

  • Access global intelligence with context to identify vulnerabilities and act
  • Share intelligence across a vast community of users, accelerating protection
  • Integrate easily with other layers of security defenses


They can:

  • Protect networks, endpoints, virtual, data centers, mobile, email, web
  • Be deployed as physical, virtual, cloud, or services
  • Provide central policy management, monitoring and distributed policy enforcement


They can:

  • Address the full attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack
  • Provide persistent security across all attack vectors in the extended network


They can:

  • Increase awareness to provide continuous scrutiny
  • Aggregate and correlates data from across the extended network
  • Include historical analysis and global attack intelligence
  • Learn from intelligence to help protect against future attacks


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