Judging Criteria

We're looking for some key attributes from the winning pitch. What's most important is that you're able to realistically articulate Cisco's Enterprise Networking business value to a C-Level executive - so the conversation needs to be business focused and not too technical.

You'll also need to ensure that it's less than twenty minutes long, with a maximum limit of 15 slides. Your pitch should be professional and convincingly mimic a real-life scenario. Creativity is strongly encouraged!

Judging areas

  1. Why Cisco: (40%)

    - Understanding of Customer business problem
    - Articulate Cisco solution
    - Articulate Cisco differentiation
    - Vision for Future (how we solve future problems the customer is likely to have).

  2. Why now: (40%)

    - Addressing the customer problem
    - Creating a sense of urgency
    - Addressing likely customer concerns (e.g. perception of risk)
    - Addressing competiive tactics (that might stall the sale)
    - Provide comfort with Cisco as a long term direction for customer

  3. Creative: (20%)

    - Creativity of message
    - Creativity of solution
    - Creativity of delivery

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20th Jan 2014
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20th Jan 2014
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1st Mar 2014
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1st Apr 2014
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15th Apr 2014
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20th Apr 2014
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18th-22th May 2014
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How to sell us the Perfect Pitch

Show us what you're made of - but keep in mind that we're looking for excellence in the following areas:

  • Why Cisco (40%)
  • Why now (40%)
  • Creative (20%)