Not Everything Has a Touch Screen

See our new collaboration tools and how touch makes everything easier. (0:34 min)

Not Everything Has a Touch Screen

Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. Improve collaboration with technology that empowers people to engage and innovate -- anywhere, on any device.



Video places people at the center of the collaboration experience. It empowers them to work together in new ways to transform business, accelerate innovation, and do more with less. It's next-generation interaction, where everyone, everywhere can be face-to-face and more effective.


Cloud and Hybrid Collaboration Solutions

Extend the value of your existing collaboration investments. Cisco open and interoperable solutions allow you to take advantage of new cloud services and 'cloud-connect' them with your existing infrastructure. We offer a wide range of solutions from the Cisco Cloud, private cloud solutions, and Cisco Powered cloud services from certified partners.


Midsize Collaboration Solutions

For growing businesses with limited resources, effective collaboration can be complicated. Simplify it with our range of right-sized, right-priced collaboration solutions. Improve employee engagement, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation and growth.


Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration involves many people -- in many different places. Work continuously across multiple platforms and devices with instant messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing, and shared workspaces - on premises or in the cloud.

Business Imperatives

Explore ways to use collaboration technology to address key business goals.

Reports and Case Studies

Read what experts and customers are saying about the benefits of collaboration technology.

Industry Trends

See how key trends are shaping the collaborative workspace environment.

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