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Security Design Zone

Discover best practices and design guidelines that will help you implement a highly secure borderless network.

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Increase Borderless Enterprise Security

Provide advanced, reliable network security for users connecting with any device, from anywhere.

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In the past, Cisco security has focused on fundamental concerns such as threat control, data protection, and access control. Cisco Secure Borderless Networks address those concerns and extend security capabilities to today's distributed workforce and borderless environments.

Promote Productivity and Control Security Risks

Cisco solutions adapt to the changing needs of business and the workforce. You can maintain the flexibility that employees need to be productive, while mitigating and controlling security risks.

Through integrated Cisco products, technologies, services, and ecosystem partners, you can build a cost-effective system to help simplify management and compliance needs.

Enhance Security Intelligence and Control

Cisco security solutions use extensive threat intelligence based on identification, reputation-based analysis, pervasive telemetry, and mitigation. This information is applied proactively across our solutions to help you better protect against threats like application abuse and XML traffic. You can also effectively respond to emerging threats such as:

  • Directed attacks
  • Worms
  • Botnets
  • Malware
  • Phishing