Smart+Connected Personalized Spaces

Cut Real Estate Costs

Make work spaces available for employees when and where they need it, on demand, with Cisco Smart Spaces. (2:40 min)

Cut Real Estate Costs; Boost Productivity

Dynamic workspace allocation helps improve employee productivity as well as per-employee real estate costs. Smart+Connected Personalized Spaces makes the space available for reservation and use as needed. This leads to higher utilization of expensive real estate and lowers per employee costs, as a larger number of employees can use the same space.

Business Benefits:

  • Optimize operations continuously with better visibility into use of space
  • Improve reporting and analytics for workspace use across various departments
  • Better serve global customers with an application designed for international users


  • Reservation of cubicle and office space through a web-based interface
  • Room environment control from an IP phone
  • Single window for administration of workspace across the enterprise locations
  • Search capability within the available workspaces based on resources, location, and other criteria
  • Favorites, History, and Saved Search features for quick reservations based on a user's preferences

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